Thursday, 2 February 2017


Hiya lovelies... How's our morning coming up?? Trust February started on a good month since half of us have agreed January was just a free trial.... Hehehe
Anyway, this isn't what I planned to blog about originally but since it's a good read, I decided to share it. Enjoy!

  1. Giraffes and rats can last longer without water than camels. 
  2. A raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up and down continuously from the bottom of the glass to the top. 
  3. The spot on the 7up logo comes from its inventor who had red eyes. He was an albino. 
  4. Most lipsticks contains fish scales. Ewwww 
  5. If you put a drop of liquor on a scorpion, it will instantly go mad and sting itself to death. I should try this! Haha 
  6. A word or sentence that is the same front and back is called a "palindrome" eg racecar. 
  7. The national anthem of Greece has 158 verses. Wawu!! 
  8. A "quidnunc" is a person who is eager to know the latest news and gossip *pensive*
  9. The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue. 
  10. Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ears by 700 times. 
  11. Tigers have stripped skin, not just stripped fur. 
  12. The ZIP in "ZIP CODE" means "zoning improvement plan". 
  13. Your stomach produces a new layer of mucus every two weeks so that it does not digest itself. 
  14. Camels have 3 eyelids. 
  15. Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying. 
  16. Honey is the only food that does not spoil. 
  17. Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete. 
  18. A pig's orgasm lasts for 30 minutes. What a wawu!! 
  19. You can't kill yourself by holding your breath. 
  20. One quarter of the bones in your body are in your feet. 
And that's it for today, remember you only stop learning when you are dead. Have an amazing Tuesday!! 

Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Wow... I really don't know how to start *phew* the truth is this feels so strange going by the fact that I've abandoned this blog... Too many  waters  of different colors have gone under the bridge but hopefully, Seyon is back..and BTW, happy new month/new year.

So today, we'd be looking at abbreviations we see every other day as the usual conversations these days have sprinklings of "lol, lwkmd, BTW, bc" etc in them.
You see, when I first started using SM (duuh), I used to be confused as confused can be because the "lol" I knew meant lots of love and it usually did not fit into the context of our conversation. It took a while for me to know it meant "laughing out loud".

There are 1001 abbreviations out there many of us wonder what they mean and except you want you be left behind in the stone age, you must get acquainted with their meanings so today I'll be bringing some of them.

LMAO  -  laughing my ass off.
LWKMD  - laugh wan kill me die.
TBH - To be honest.
UKD - u know dis.
IKR - I know right.
BTW - by the way.
TTYL - talk to you later.
G2G - got to go.
BC - because .
DIY - do it yourself.
EOD - end of discussion.
FAQ - frequently asked questions..
FYI - for your information.
IMO - in my opinion.
N00B - newbie.
NRN - no reply necessary.
OT - off topic.
ROTFL - rolling on the floor laughing.
POV - point of view.
TBA - to be announced.
TIA - thanks in advance.

.... And that's it for today. However, let's minimize the use of abbreviations especially when spellings as it can affect our writing if not kept in check.
I hope we learnt something new today??


Wednesday, 2 November 2016


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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Is Nigeria truly independent??

One of my favorite quotes is that of Jean Jacques Rousseau "man is free but everywhere he is in chains".
Every year since 1960, October 1st is celebrated as the day Nigeria became a sovereign federal republic, it was the day Princess Alexandria handed over "power" to Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe.

From the desert of Maiduguri to the sandy shores of Badagry, from the mangrove of Bayelsa to the peninsula of Lekki, from the sahel of Sokoto to the Plateau of Jos and across the land, it was freedom at last!! Freedom from the Brits who seemed to hold all the top positions in the country; at last, we would become truly free and independent from the union Jack.
56 years down the line, looking at the situation in which we are in, I dare say we are truly independent.
Now, while am not trying to be a pessimist because 56 years is a looooong one, I mean many countries did not even survive this long before they were torn apart due to civil war, religious divide among others but I mean as a human, if you survive up to 56 and do  not have something to point to, people will tag you a "failure"; That is the sad condition my dear Nigeria is in.
Back to my quote, Nigeria is free from the imperialism and colonial masters and Nigerians are expected to enjoy the dividends that accrue but the, everywhere we turn to, it is the direct opposite you find. You can't go to some parts of the country and walk freely, yet we are free, you cannot talk freely against the bad leaders yet the constitution says you have freedom of speech, you pay huge amount as tax yet you don't get basic services and we say we are free *sigh* really there are lots of chains binding us.

Inter tribal wars and ethnic clashes
One event Nigeria is still healing from is the civil war of 1967 - 1970. It was 30 long months of killing and bloodshed mostly unnecessary and avoidable between igbos and hausas who prior to May 1967 had been living in peace. It is one event that almost tore Nigeria apart but thankfully the war ended with the "no victor, no vanquished" proclamation but am sure the scars of that event is yet to heal yet, some fellows are quick to threaten that Nigeria will split if some of their selfish interests are not satisfied.
The Biafra war aside, we have had the famous Ife - Modakeke crisis, the Tiv - Jukun crisis, the Tiv - Fulani crisis, etc.

Unequal distribution of wealth
This is one aspect I know exists all over but the level in my fatherland though!! In the same neighbourhood where someone has a garage full of unused cars, there is another dude down the street that cannot afford a bicycle spoke; while some kids cannot afford to go to nursery school albeit free because his/her parent cannot afford to buy books and uniform, we have corrupt leaders and people who do not know what to do with money sending their kids abroad.  Instead of using these monies to develop our educational system after all if those countries they ship their kids to did not develop their educational system, I wonder if they would have sent their kids there.

 Every year after the NYSC scheme, graduates are turned out with most of them not having any hope of getting a job. I'm yet to see someone whose ultimate aim is to roam about after graduating.. I mean, we go to school because we want  a better life yeah? Then after all said and done, young minds get to roam about without hope because they have no godfather or perhaps they do not have the required experience (how would they when there is no provision for holiday jobs and the likes?), in the end, they take to crime since there is no system to absorb them and an idle mind is the devil's workshop (I do not support everybody waiting for the white collar job though, we should use our initiative too),

Lack of basic amenities
It hurts to know that there are some places with no portable drinking water! That is just one of the many wrong things happening in Nigeria. In fact, these days, every one is a government to himself since we provide our security, we generate our electricity, we provide our water, we provide our internet etc, yet, we pay for tax!
I find it funny that with our resources (Nigeria is blessed!) the government is still failing in her responsibilities 56 years down the line when countries like Rwanda after the genocide has a working and viable economy.

This term used to be strange to us but the way it is, it has come to stay in our lexicon.
Every moment, citizens live in fear because they do not know where the next bomb will go off. These bombers are so callous that they do not even consider age, gender, etc before they carry out their nefarious activities.
My heart still goes out to the young candles that were blown out in the wind in their hostels because of their love for Western education.
Instead of respite to come, a new dimension has been added to the bombings; Kidnapping.

Holding on to power syndrome
How can we say that we are independent if the same people who plundered our commonwealth years ago are still holding onto the reins of power and at the recently concluded national conference sat down to "chart" the way forward, is that not ironic?
They claim great leaders like Ghandi, Mandela, etc are their role models, they go to the UK, USA, etc to learn leadership qualities (on tax payer's account of course) yet they come home and do the exact opposite.
Old men that are supposed to be resting and enjoying retirement benefits(do they even pay?) are busy reducing their ages and occupying the spaces meant for the youths who are being deceived they are the leaders of tomorrow.
I wonder if the world would come to an end if these sit tight and power drunk leaders serve once and move on.

Oh well, after all said, all hope is not lost. I like to say our destiny/future is in our hands and remember like T.Y Bello said, "the future is not a time zone yet to be discovered, the future is everything you can become but have not yet become, the future is you, the future is now".
We need to liberate ourselves from the various shackles binding us and to do that, we need attitudinal change. We need to change our mind set towards a lot of things. Since it is obvious the government is not willing to help us, we could help ourselves. We could become self employed(the world is shifting from being employed to becoming self reliant), we could initiate community development projects that will help us better the lot of the community.
In a nutshell, we should start to think of what we can do for our country instead of what our country can do for us while hoping that our leaders understand the true meaning of being independent and act accordingly instead of depending on loans from IBRD etc when we have all the resources to be self reliant.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Just the tip

I'm a strong advocate for sex education, especially at a young age. I know the older generation might not find my position too comfortable, but then, when I say "sex education", I do not mean the different coital positions. NO! That's just a fragment anyway.

I learnt virtually everything I know today about sex on the street and by the time my mum started to lecture me (I was 10), well, let me not say it was a little too late, but then there was nothing new I needed to learn and so I just sat through the lecture while pretending to be hearing everything for the first time.
Now, with the rate of sexual perversion, fathers raping daughters, teachers raping pupils and so on, there is the urgent need for all and sundry to fasten their seat belts!
As early as kids can talk, ring it into their ears that no uncle/aunt is permitted to carry them in a compromising position , male or female, there is nothing like "private part", penis is what it is and vagina is what it is, Period!
Nobody is permitted to touch them there on any condition (except the mum while bathing for the kid), no dad should ask you help him scratch somewhere, no female should tell you you touch her in some way  plus some creches or nursery school staff fondle these kids!! Scary yeah? I don't even what to talk about what happens in the dormitories and even places of worship!
Children are not permitted to show their privates to another child, remember how many of us lost our innocence while playing daddy and mummy as kids?? Lailai!! My kids won't play mummy and daddy!
Desperate times calls for desperate measures and as soon as your girls are old enough, tell them if a man promises to put the tip inside, they should flee!!
I know how tough it is for people who live in "yards" with other tenants, how when some parents go to work, these predators try to lure these children! Sad yeah?
How will a man in the heat of the moment just put the tip?? No way! He is diving in Phelps style!! But because some of us are gullible, we fall victim and add to the ever growing statistics of single mothers or those who lose their innocence to ignorance. The unlucky ones are left with mementos in form of STDs!
Teach them right, else they learn it the wrong way!!

Monday, 8 August 2016


In the spirit of the ongoing Olympics, we'd be considering verbs related to sports... Read on 

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Before you say I do (the end)

Today we'd be looking at the concluding part of some things you should not ignore before you walk down the aisle. Click here to read the first part.

14. Conflicts: Occasionally, there will be conflicts (even the teeth and tongue fight), talk bout how to resolve them. What are the things you both can handle? Talk about your strengths and weaknesses. What are your fears? What can your spouse do to appease you when you are angry? How can he/she increase the anger?
15. Handling friendships: How would you both handle relationships with the opposite sex even after the wedding? Are you the type of wife whose husband must never hug another lady? Or are you the type of husband whose wife must not wink at an old friend? Talk about these things.
16. Multi dimensional relationship: This includes God, spouse, parents, siblings, friends, academic pursuit,vision,goals and ambitions.
What is your threshold for lack of attention from your spouse?
Talk about your dedication to each of the above listed individuals/commitment.
17. Attitude about weight and body posture: He/she might not remain slim for life. Will you still love her for who she has grown to become?
18. Religious and spiritual beliefs: The God you believe in determines how you will behave and relate with people.
What are your beliefs? How involved are you in church activities? What's your opinion on service in the house of God?
How will marrying into a different religion or even different denomination affect your home and children in the long run?
 Iron these things out before saying "I do".
19. Hobbies and interests: Type of music enjoyed, things you do for relaxation. Obviously, if the husband is into EPL nd the wife is into zeeworld, then there will be conflict.
Find common interests between you and your potential partner, that way you can enjoy doing things and talking about them together without getting bored.
Often times, having different interest requires you or your partner to sacrifice your desires for the happiness of the other. Eventually, it may lead to ego problems and misunderstanding, so as much as possible, choose a potential partner who shares a lot of common interests with you.
20. Income distribution: Total amount of income to be spent, saved, given out, etc. Would you rather a joint or separate account?
Money issues can destroy the home, it's better to discuss such things before going ahead with the wedding.
How much should be allocated to vacation, church, relatives, investment, etc.
21. Cleanliness: Attitude to odour, dirty environment, etc. While some individuals do not see any wrong in living in a house not swept for days, others can't bear the thought of staying in an un swept environment for a day.
If your husband is the type that wears clothes once and wants them washed whereas the wife one that can wear clothes twice or thrice before considering a wash, there may be a problem.
22. Sickness: Ways of handling illness. Are your methods spiritual, medical, traditional, etc and in what order of priority? What are your individual health standards? Do you visit the doctor regularly?
While some individuals depend totally on God for divine healing, others can't do without their monthly checkups and visit to their doctors.
23. Interpersonal and social skills: How (s)he relates with God the supreme being, the poor, rich, mighty, elite, weak, sick, waiter, doorman etc. Don't be fooled, humans don't change, attitudes are only suppressed into oblivions when the spirit of the Lord takes over.
24. Geographical standards: Where can you live/reside? You two might have views world apart as it concerns residential areas. While your spouse prefers quiet and reserved areas, you might not have a flair for silent areas but for lively areas where you don't get to miss all the happenings.
Remote and secluded areas might be some people's favourite.
House chores, cooking and living standards.
25. Occupation: This is a variant of how much time you want to be spending together.
Who can you marry occupation wise? If you're marrying a medical practitioner, politician, pilot, etc, then the time spent together will obviously vary when compared to a teacher, clergy, etc.
26. Bed time and rest time: When to go to bed, when to wake up. To some people, night prayer will be the last activity for the day whereas to others, it's a movie that puts them to sleep.
For such a couple, the lady wants to sleep immediately after prayers, but the husband still wants to watch movies, surf the Internet, play games, etc.
27. Sex life: Sex is one of the cement that helps seal the bond in marriage. How often would you like it? Must it follow a strict schedule??

Thanks to Holyparcel for giving me the permission to use his material although I edited some part and made little additions too.
I hope this goes a long way  to touch one or two lives out there. Cheers!