Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Facts about Nigeria

Here are some facts about Nigeria that would come handy! Enjoy
1) After Egypt, Nigeria ranks the second highest with the largest newspaper market in Africa.
2) Nigeria has the 13th highest fertility rate in the world at 5.38 children born per women.
3) China's best market is Nigeria.
4) Females from Maiduguri tend to have the longest hair in Nigeria.
5) The national sport in Nigeria is football.
6) Lagos state has the highest population in Nigeria.
7) Nigeria adopted the 6-3-3-4 system of education in 1982.
8) Nigeria has more writers and authors than the rest of West Africa combined.
9) Nigeria has the highest users of slangs in Africa, second world's highest after the USA.
10) Nigeria has the largest press in Africa.
11) Nigeria stock exchange is the second largest in Africa.
12) Nigeria is among the top three countries with the highest number of musicians in the world.
13) The yoruba tribe has the highest rate of twin birth in the world.
14) Nigeria's president has the highest vehicle convoy in the world.
15) The cost of living in Abuja is higher than that of London.
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Friday, 18 October 2013

Of ASUU, FG and the falling (or fallen?) standard of education in Nigeria

One popular joke on social media platforms goes thus "ASUU and thunder, who strike pass?" Funny as it may seem, it points to the fact that the Academic staff union of universities never seem to be tired of calling for strike action whenever it feels it needs to drive home some points.
Throughout my sojourn as an undergraduate, I have experienced three prolonged ASUU strikes and two warning strikes. The story has always been the same, its either the federal government attends to us and implement this and that, we won't shift grounds. ASUU has always gone on strike and their demands have not been met so one wonders why they take the same route since it ends up in a cul-de-sac!
Taking a look at some of the issues ASUU keeps talking about like more funding, I feel universities should look for ways to generate internally generated fund. A walk into many higer institution will be met with a number of banks, lock up stalls, telecommunication masts and other businesses for which rents are being collected. How are the monies spent?
On the issue of retirement age, I wonder why we keep blaming politicians for holding on to power forever when the same scenario is playing out in our ivory tower; if the old lecturers have refused to retire until they get to a certain age, how would young graduates get the opportunity to lecture? The mantra is that the standard of education is falling, for me, it has fallen, it has totally collapsed, it has crumbled and everybody has their share of the blame.
Some of the lecturers have part time jobs in private universities so in the end, how is the interest of the students in public universities who they say they are fighting for protected?
How many ASUU members are Phd holders from recognized institutions? How many of them have published papers in international and reputable local journals? Do lecturers not plagarize too? Do they not pass the bulk of the laboratory work to the students and take credit for the work? How many lecturers know what they are doing? We see a lot of lecturers selling handouts to students because they are too lazy to lecture, they exploit these students in the name of providing materials. How many lecturers notes are in line with what obtains in the 21st century?
Students have a lot of work and research to do, we can't be taught everything in school. Time spent on social networks can be used to develop oneself. Students should strike to do more research, read journals and textbooks instead of depending solely on what the lecturer teaches.
The federal government should not keep abdicating its responsibilities. Basic infrastructures should be provided. The country does not need proliferation of universities since the ones on ground are in a state of decay. The existing universities should be revamped, laboratories and libraries should be well equipped and stocked so graduates would be able to hold their own in any part of the world.
ASUU should look for other means of channeling their grievances other than incessant strike actions and there should be attitudinal change on the part of government, relevant stakeholders and students.
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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Friday, 11 October 2013

Much Ado about a national confab

Right from when I've come of age, I've heard and am still hearing reasons why we need a sovereign national conference and on the other hand, reasons why the sovereign national conference should not be.
On the 1st of October,2013, the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan announced that an advisory committee was to be inagurated to establish modalities for the sovereign national conference and he gave them six weeks to carry out their assignment.
Many are asking, what is a sovereign national conference? A sovereign national conference is a forum of representatives of the various ethnic nationalities, regions, states, interest groups, etc where issues affecting the Nigerian state are to be addressed and to determine the extent of our continued unity.
Why a sovereign national conference?
It is a well known fact that the federation of Nigeria has never really been one homogeneous country for it has widely differing people and tribes. The amalgamation of the Nothern and Southern protectorates in 1914 was done by the colonial masters for administrative conveniencies and to effectively control her vital resources for their economic interests.
Our constitutional arrangement since 1914 to date(2013) has never truly reflected the political, economic, social, cultural and religious realities of the country. The people of the country have never had the opportunity to make inputs into, accept or reject any constitutional framework through a referendum.
Those agitating for a sovereign national conference argue that there are so many grieviances and accusations against Nigeria and by Nigerians which the SNC must consider and resolve with the sole objective of designing a new constitution for the country which will cast into extinction all the evil tendencies which have conspired to make Nigeria a virtual ghost country, deeply and invidiously polarised in all directions since 1914 to date and more seriously since January 15 1966.
On the other side of the divide are those against the convocation of a SNC on the grounds that a SNC is only held in a situation where a country is under military rule and where the military is planning to relinquish power to a democratically elected government, also in that vein, they argue that the calls for a SNC is in the simplest meaning mischievous and a vote of no confidence in and an open declaration of war against all democratically elected institutions in Nigeria ie it is an open contempt of our legislative institutions.
In my opinion, the SNC is not to govern the country but to find solutions to all the problems that afflict the polity. At this juncture, the SNC needs to be convoked so thatthe mistakes we made in 1966 by not standing on Aburi will not be repeated.
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The birth

Finally, I decided to start a blog after months of halting between several, a new baby is born and her(or its?) name is Seyon Hundeyin's blog,as we go on this awesome journey together, it will be an awesome experience, different from your everyday blog. Well, we'd be talking politics here basically(you can't blame me), comments, contributions and articles are highly welcome so strap your seat belt as we go on our maiden flight. Yours truly