Saturday, 23 November 2013


I stumbled on my scribbled thoughts on FGM this morning and I thought to share it.
From ages, female genital mutilation continues, inflicting pains on innocent girls, causing unhealing wounds in come cases; young girls are made to go through excruciating pains all in the nAme of tradition. They say that it reduces the urge for sex in the circumcised girls, but many circumcised girls are still promiscous.
Abstaining from sex is a thing of the mind. It pains me to see people these days still practicing this babaric act.
Please let's all give this archaic tradiition a human face and help stamp it out.

Waris Dirie, Somali model, author, actress, UN special Ambassador from 1997-2003 and spokes person on FGM speaks of her own experience.
" I peered between my legs and saw the gypsy. The old woman looked at me sternly, a dead look in her eyes, then foraged through an old carpet bag. She reached inside with her long fingers and fished out a broken razor blade. I saw dried blood on the jagged edge. She spit on it and wiped it on her dress. While she was scrubbing, my world went dark as mama tied a blindfold over my eyes.
The next thing I felt was my flesh being cut away. I heard the blade sawing back and forth through me skin"
I just can't imagine what would have happened to someone like me whose threshold for pain is very low! Circumcision without no antiseptics, no pain reliever,, that's gangstar!.
Thinking about the process Waris went through makes my skin crawl, infact I just had to take that excerpt because the whole process is......evil!.
These people do not think of HIV, tetanus and other infections?
Dear readers, let us help create awareness in our little corner! FGM must be stamped out!

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