Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Some friends come and suddenly go
Some are separated by time
Some by difference
Some by distance
Some by pride
No matter how far you are
You always remain special to me!

This is for all my long lost friends, right from my childhood days, I can barely remember some of you, I've searched all over the internet for others, the friends I made in high school, camp meetings, those I made via social platforms, we may not have heard from eachother in a while but trust me, each time I go through my diary, I wish you'all can reach out to me and tell me you are fine. Seun, Gideon, Emmanuel, Joe, abbey, ada, tosin, tunji, toun, obiora, dimeji, chigozie, hassanah, etc, trust me, I still relish the good moments we had and you still have a special place in my heart!

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