Monday, 18 November 2013

Identity Crisis

So you mean you are not igbo? Oh no! How can you be egun! Am used to the "ohs" and "ahs" that comes from people when I tell them am not igbo. Yeah, my mum is igbo, growing up I hated idenfying with my father's tribe because of the stereotype that eguns were unintelligent, local, blah blah blah; I was quick to introduce myself as igbo, infact I took more delight in washing bitterleaf, pounding ede and banga than picking ewedu.
Going to the university changed it all for me; I became more self conscious and all. Now, am proud of my egun roots, well, I see my self more like a 100% Nigerian rather than a 50% egun, 50% igbo girl. Infact lemme type our(Hundeyin) oriki
Hunto Hanzi, whanga zou
Sato a wanno arowu ken poran du to
The whe mase whe
The whe gbeleto, gogu son sonvi
Ahoru wremegbe edo meta emi no gbo
Esa agutha ma blawu

Omo osa iba se bi okun
Ko ni jeki a mi
Eje ami eja a simi
Enia lonfidi enia bale
Omo ata arugbo meji legbeje
Ota eyeti ogbon
Ota eyeti kogbon
Ota won rairai soko
Omo okiki dode ijebu
Omi logbe nile alajogun
Kini onigba nta ti alawo koni

*fans self*


  1. That's right doll...100% Nigerian (Y)

  2. You lost me when u started with the yoruba, I can't read yoruba well *covers face in shame*

    1. Am not so good with yourba too but if I interprete it in english line by line, it won't make sense jare. X_X

  3. Ehen, i think the only thing i understood was 'Omo' *coveringmyeyes. I so need a yoruba teaching CD prompto

    1. Lemme translate *scrolls up*
      Child of the Lagoon that sometime behave like the sea's
      He won't give us rest
      Let us breathe, let us rest
      It is someone who puts another's at ease

      Oya you have to pay for me to continue shines teeth*

  4. I never knew you could rap in Chinese latin