Thursday, 14 November 2013

Indefinite strike

Good morning people, I woke up to the news that the meeting that was suppose to be held today has been postponed till January 15, 2014. Am so angry right now! Fine, Prof Iyayi died in the struggle, but heck, must we throw away the baby with the bath water? Right now I don't understand what ASUU's ideals are at this point; our future has been mortgaged. Fine, there is infrastructural decay and what's not, the issue of incompetent lecturers, who will address it? How about unjust extortion? Sexual harassments etc? Am just so angry this morning. Time wasted can never be regained. Can't other means of resolving issues be worked out aside from going on strike? I think its time for students to go on strike too. God help us! Infact is it to call on God to help us or for us to do things right?


  1. you make me laugh seriously when you say we too must go on strike.
    its very sad and very unfortunate that we lost sure an intellect but the struggle must go on.
    VICTORY ACERTA!!!!!!!!!

  2. Che the thing is vexing my soul! Was suppose to serve this month, thanks to ASUU I didn't make camp, now batch A mobilization time table is out and its not sure I'll make camp. Am not getting younger now! Make we strike like the ali must go and babangida must go era too.