Monday, 11 November 2013

More facts about Nigeria

1) The most spoken phrase in Nigeria is "how far"
2) The muslims in Nigeria are three times more than that of Saudi Arabia
3) The pastor of the largest church in UK, KICC is a Nigerian. His name is Matthew Ashimolowo
4) THe pastor of the largest church in Ukraine is a Nigerian
5) There is a place called Sabo in virtually every state in Nigeria
6) The highest point in Nigeria is Chappal Waddi, on the border between Taraba and Adamawa states (12,419m)
7) The largest butterfly diversity in the world can be found in the areas around Calabar, Crossriver state
8) The longest bridge in Africa(the third mainland bridge in Lagos state) is in Nigeria
9) The walls of Benin in present day Edo state are the longest ancient earthworks in the world and probably the largest man-made structure on earth
10) The Anambra waxbill, a small bird of many beautiful colours is found only in the southern Nigeria and nowhere else on earth


  1. I didn't know that Sabo is in almost every state....*smile

    1. Talk about the presence of hausas everywhere...thanks for stopping by diva! Bless