Tuesday, 12 November 2013

My Thoughts

Good morning swwethearts, I stumbled upon the book where I used to pen my thoughts as a teenager and reading it gave me that feeling of nostalgia. I've decided I'll share some of the things there with my esteemed readers.
So my thoughts is part of my failed attempt at being a poet (I'll reproduce it unedited). I hope you'll enjoy it.

My thoughts lie deep within me
Waiting to be expressed
A lot of things are racing through my mind
But I don't like expressing them
The reason I don't know
At other times, my thoughts makes me fantasize
And I see myself in wonderland
And I wish something could happen
Sometimes it does, at other times, it doesn't
At times, my thoughts are good
And they are bad at other instances
But I'd rather bury my thoughts in me
'Cause they are my treasures.

Thanks for reading!

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