Friday, 22 November 2013


Am just so angry, moody, exhausted and all; I can't believe that after my final exams in June 28 this year, am still at home waiting for my result(yeah I know my degree class already), I still do not know when I'll go for NYSC amongst other things! I can't even apply for a good job because I do not have a certificate. Is it a crime to go to school in Nigeria? Those of us whose parents cannot afford private universities, what is our fate? God knows this is not what I planned for my life! Am here getting old while my mates have their Masters and all! I dey para!!!!! If wishes were horses *sigh*


  1. Its just sad, all schs in Nigeria should adopt Unilorin's style, the last batch of graduates have already been mobilised. One can't sit at home whiling away time, when u can use that time to gain experience in relevant field

    1. Yeah! My friend that is finished from Ilorin is in camp now! If not for the strike, I should be there too; I don't know why membership of ASUU is compulsory self! Sheybi UNILORIN is not there? This country ehn! I wonder who ASUU is fighting for because in the end, we the students will still have to deal with handout sales, sexual harrassment amongst others.
      Am not exactly sitting at home sha, I got a job but trust me you don't want to know the terms and conditions, so am using the opportunity to read all the books I couldn't read in school.

  2. my sister no para too much. but it can be very annoying and depressing.

  3. I think you got it all figured out already. Remove ASUU from the equation and you'll have a clearer idea of how you want to run your life.#works for me.
    NB: no be say mesef no dey para for em o

  4. God will help us in Nigeria.