Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wow Zone

1) Greenland is the world's largest island. It is nearly covered with ice.
2) Lake superior on the US-Canadian border, is the world's largest freshwater lake.
3) Canada has the world's longest coastline. Its length of 244,000km would circle the earth more than six times!
4) Chewing gum was invented in Ohio in 1869
5) At a length of about 4,345km and an average width of 177km, Chille is the world's longest, thinnest country
6) Nearly a third of Brazilians are kids
7) Finland has about 55,000 lakes and nearly 180,000 islands
8) Thee are no snakes in Ireland. You won't find any snakes in New Zealand or at the North and South poles either
9) Amsterdam in the Netherlands, has about 1,300 bridges
10)In his will, Swedish inventor and businessman, Alfred Nobel established the Nobel prizes.


  1. WOW at number 8!!! Never knew that! Thanks for the info

  2. I don't get how Greenland will be almost covered with ice. That is very ironic, you know I would expect it to be called Whiteland or something

    Interesting facts, well done!

  3. That's the irony of @ whiteland. Maybe iceland would have been better!
    Thanks love