Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Youthful Lust

Wonders it was to me
When the stories were told
The feelings seemed real
Yet like a mirage
Contact with it, events unfold
The phenomenon, a stage in life
Yes the feelings are real
Curiousity at the highest point
To touch the fire I do feel
It burns I was told
Yet I fear not
The urges are high
So is the tension
My fingers burn
But the delight mix with the pain
I find myself in a helpless situation
Uncaring of reputation attained
The desire to deviate seems so high
To swim with others in muddy ocean
To visit the joints and party all night
Hyperactive or extrovert I am
So full of emotion
My personality solidifies with right act
Right decision would get me to right destination
Right turning and gulping right facts
My future seems bright with dedication

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