Wednesday, 18 December 2013

50 Questions

1) Name? Seyon Patience Hundeyin
2) Position in the family? 2nd
3) Best Colour? Purple and sometimes pink
4) Ever been heartbroken? yes nah! (And I broke hearts too) duuh
5) TDH or intelligent? Never been a fan of TDH. I want my man intelligent
6) Last book you read? Shock wave by clive cussler
7) Hobby(ies)? Reading, gisting, sleeping (does it count?)
8) Ever been in love? I think so
9) Ever dated an ex again? No
10) Ever been jealous of your bestie? Honestly no
11) What I'll never be caught dead doing? Shaving my brow
12) Pets? Ewww! I hate pets
13) Love language? Gifts
14) Do you keep a diary? Yes (18+ please)
15) Music of the moment? Slow down by r2Bees ft wizkid
16) Home cooking or eating out? I love cooking! Home cooking please
17) 5 most played songs on your phone? Slow down, eminado, caro, frozen, hey soul sister
18) Best food? Fried rice
19) Do you have kids? No
20) Last time you cried? I can't remember
21) Do you bite your nails? No, I keep claws
22) Do you think you are strong? Sometimes
23) First thing you notice about people? Eyebrow
24) Last person you talked to on the phone? Mum
25) Hair colour? Black
26) Do you wear contacts? No
27) Hugs or kisses? Depends on the giver
28) Book you are reading now? Lost city by clive cussler
29) Any tattoo? No
30) Do you save old greeting cards and letters? Yes please
31) How many times a day do you look at the mirror? Uncountable times
32) What position do you sleep in? On my side or back
33) If you could restore a broken relationship, which would it be? The one I had with Dennis
34) When do you find yourself singing? In the bathroom
35) Your last text was from? Mtn
36) Current mood? Super tired
37) Have you ever lost a close friend? Yes
38) Have a crazy side? Yes!!!!!!!!
39) Something you do a lot? Read
40) Last person you hugged? My cousin
41) Ever been drunk? Yes
42) Are you worried about the future? Always
43) Zodiac? Cancer
44) A confession? Errm..........
45) Your celebrity crush? Darey
46) Fave tv show? The Johnsons
47) Regret anything? Coupla things
48) Best way to your heart? Good diction
49) Are you stubborn? Very
50) Can you curl your tongue? Yes


  1. I'd love to see that diary, wonder why its 18+. And I like the fact that you'll rather cook, nothing beats homemade food made to taste, tho I can't cook.

    1. Its x-rated noni! Am a good cook oh! Score for dinner prepared as marked(lol) my mum was 85%! Beat that?

  2. "A confession?" We're still waiting o

  3. Your no.48 is spot on! My weakness :)

  4. I am totally going to steal your questions *dancing*. I sha hope i would be truthful o......*smiling*

  5. Darey again! Hiaaann!! This is serious oo lol.