Thursday, 12 December 2013


Today's post was written by my good friend @Beyotola. Enjoy!
Today we’re gonna talk about whores. How did it start? Grab a chair and follow the story, feel free to RT when I’m done. No doubt we all know prostitution is one of the oldest professions. In the good ol’ days, prostitutes were easy to identify with the skimpy clothes and excess makeup. Showing off their long sexy legs, baring cleavage and wearing tight clothes so that men can see the market they want to buy. And then there were the noble, decent girls that dressed like Mary. Yes, Jesus’ mum, we’ve all seen the paintings & pictures. I’m not saying that how she really looks, but it gives us the sense of how decent girls used to dress. Hence everything was easy for men. If you want to get laid, you know how to identify prostitutes and if you want to get married, you know how to identify decent girls.
One day, some insecure women noticed that prostitutes were getting a lot of attention so they decided to do something about it. They decided to start dressing like the prostitutes - show some skin and let the shape be obvious. And they came up with a name for it; FASHION. Soon, women that sold food started showing cleavage to attract more customers to their shop. Men began to notice and were confused as to which were the real prostitutes. They will approach a girl and ask “How much for the night?” and the girl will reply angrily “Do I look like a prostitute? All you guys ever think of is sex!” This was very frustrating and embarrassing. The real prostitutes too were not happy about this, business was slowing. So they came up with their own idea; they began to ‘throw’ themselves at men. So a man will just be walking on the street and a prostitute will just go and rub herself against him, so he can have a feel of her features. It was perfect! This worked for a while till those insecure women devised a new plan. They started pressing themselves against men too and convinced men it was a form of greeting. They called it HUGGING. The prostitutes got pissed off and started spreading the word “Any woman that wants to be touched by everyman she meets belongs in the brothel.”
Alas, confusion was back. Decent women started losing their daughters to these prostitutes-wannabes. Mary was no longer their role model, the wannabes ruled! Men were more confused than ever. How will they identify the ‘wife materials’? This also had a negative effect on the women. After all, their aim was to get married. They could no longer identify serious men and they started to complain and wanted to go back to their ways of dressing like Mary. Word reached the wannabes about this unrest, but they couldn’t turn back now.
Originally, when men wanted to get married, they will approach a member of the family of the woman and state their intention. That member will then act as a middleman conveying messages to both parties. When both parties feel like they have enough information about each other, they agree to marry. It was that simple. Noble women of high birth didn’t even go through all those, their parents (usually kings, lords, dukes etc.) just arrange for their marriage to another noble family right from their birth. Once the girl, starts her menstrual cycle, they plan the wedding and give her away. That’s how it was done then, as revealed in old Shakespearean and Dickens stories, all Epic movies and every Disney fairytale. It was happily ever after, rate of divorce was very low.
The wannabes came up with another plan to know the men that were ready for marriage. They decided they will stop using the middleman and sneak out of their parents’ houses to spend time alone with men. That way, they believe they will get to know if the man is ready or not. They called this; RELATIONSHIP. So they will expect the men to show them a little of what they are to expect during marriage. Women could spend time with men outside marriage and still enjoy the intimacies of marriage. They required men to shower them with gifts, plan romantic dates, etc. This worked! The prostitutes recorded lower and lower income. In an attempt to separate themselves from the wannabes, they started calling the wannabes WHORES. The name was the only way to differentiate them. Prostitutes now had more shame and started to wear their skimpy clothes only at night. They had lost the battle.
But then men realized that one of the intimacies of marriage is sex. So if they were to show the women a little of what they should expect during marriage, shouldn’t sex be part of it? They realized they were being cheated. So where will they find the good ol’ decent girls with Mary as their role model? The mosque, church or temples? But it was too late, the wannabes had infiltrated everywhere. Then one day, a man invited a woman he was in a relationship with to a secluded area and tried to have sex. But the girl said “No, we can’t do that. Its only prostitutes that have pre-marital sex.” And the guy was like “Really? Now you remember that? But you dress like them, act like them and collect money like them!” A struggle ensued and the first ever rape was recorded. The man was caught and stoned to death.
This sad event attracted empathy and some reasonable women started agreeing to sex during relationships. Hence, the wannabe sect was divided into two; girlfriends and whores. But this only increased the confusion for men. They could no longer understand women. And the new era emerged; men started sleeping with prostitutes and whores while still keeping the girlfriend so as to avoid raping her. Now we are here; more single, old, desperate women, heartbreaks, divorces and infidelity. All because some insecure women wanted more attention. So ask yourself, who is your role model, the people sent by God or some wannabes?