Monday, 16 December 2013

Happy mode activated

ASUU strike has come to an end *dancing skelewu* after over 5 months of sitting at home doing nothing, the strike has been called off. If not for the strike I should have been in my service year but I believe God knows why we were not mobilized.
The kind of things I did during this strike ehn! *covers face for some*
I had time to read over 15 novels mostly clive cussler and John grisham, since I bought them all and I don't like reading books twice, am giving them out.
This blog was birthed during the strike, I've had over three thousand views within 2 months, I've made amazing friends and interacted with amazing people!
No, this is not my valedictory speech, I just remembered I've not completed my chapter 4 and 5 *sad*
Its back to school for the final lap anytime soon!
Am excited and not excited, forgive my blabbing


  1. Wait o, are u saying you won't be able to blog for a while?

    1. I've not ruled it out yet. I'll try to write and save in my draft so I can update everyother day.

  2. Lol, is petite diva gonna miss ni *okbye*

  3. My dear, its same here...sadly the graduation did not happen in 2013 as anticipated...well everything happens for a reason...