Saturday, 7 December 2013


Yorubas call it owo
Igbos call it ego
Hausas call it kudi
Edos call it Igho
The source of happiness
The cause of pride
The cause of pain
The measure of man's achievement
The measure of man's dignity
The root of man's self abasement
The root of man's self destruction
He who runs after it is mad
He who does not lack ambition
He who acquires it without toil is a parasite
He who amases it for a lifetime is a fool
Who has never gotten anything from life
He who slashes it is unscrupulously stingy
He who throws it around is an extravagant scamp
He who accumulates it at the expense of others is a capitalist
He who accumulates and shares it with others is a communist
Money is filthy
Yet why go after it?
Money is evil
Man loves money

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