Monday, 16 December 2013

We steal because Nigerians do not stone us.

The Rivers state Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, on saturday said political office holders steal state funds because Nigerians do not stone them.
Am assuming he is a thief also; the governor further stated that Nigerians have stoned nobody hence the continued plundering of our nation's resources by politicians.
That statement got me thinking; am wondering if the perks of office has dulled and deadened the conscience of politicians, how can a sane man say he steals because Nigerians don't stone them knowing fully well that political office holders are immune from prosecution. What stones is he talking about? Spiritual stones maybe?
The case of ibori and diepreye comes to mind; they were declared innocent in Nigeria but convicted by UK courts.
When I watch news and hear billions, I cringe, it gives me headache. All the thieves since 1960 till date, has any been prosecuted? ICPC and EFCC have become mere government appendages, the last has not been heard of the bullet proof cars saga, same with the SURE-P fund. I weep for my country.
Nigeria is rich enough to give every citizen 1miilion naira yet, we won't go broke.
When the media raises dust too much, committees most times unnecessary are constituted for mere jamboree, they collect staggering sitting allowances and steal more money in the name of investigation; the case of Mr integrity is an example.
Meanwhile, while Mr Amaechi is preaching in Lagos, his home state is in crisis, the house of assembly is still under lock and key.
Which way Nigeria?


  1. The current state of the country is disheartening. Many no longer have conscience. 'Twas murdered in cold blood. The day majority (esp. Political office holders) decide to resurrect their conscience, things will get bettwr.
    God bless Nigeria ooo

    1. Its so so sad; I hope it won't get to the stage where we'd say "there was a country"

  2. Bur amaka they threw stones in libya, overthrew gadafi and yet libya is messed up. Same thing in egypt. Moral of the story is uprisings are not the way to go in the 21st century. Just because the french revolution worked then doesnt mean that it would work in this our time. Sincerely speaking, me im at a loss on the way forward
    * sips hot water and fans self * Phcn tins

    Mr anonymous

    1. Am not advocating for uprisings, I don't think Nigerians can go through that again given the fact we are still yet to heal from the civil war; I merely quoted Mr Gov. You must not be at a loss oh! After all we are the future leaders *rme*
      Oya take cold water or port to my house. Lol

  3. Throwing stones doesn't mean uprisings. It means passing a law that makes every thief get amputated or life imprisonment.