Friday, 31 January 2014

What is the period of courtship

Though there is no stipulated period for courtship, there is the need for two people planning to marry to know each other beyond doubts before marriage. That a man/woman is ‘sweet’, pleasant and ad heralded good fortune into your life doesn’t make them your perfect mate.
Choosing your life partner mean a thorough investigation of personality, traits/character, family background and past affairs. The sizzling passion that characterises courtship has blinded many singles that they rushed to the altar and in short time, had broken marriages.
That you are sexually compatible does not make you perfect for each other. Know yourselves, know the family lineage and in a setting like Africa, you cannot avoid ‘prayer consultations/prophesies’ because not a few families believe strongly in this. Never be foolishly in love to avoid ‘investigations’ before saying ‘I do’.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

this is how to tell if he no longer loves you

Does your guy love you? This will save you from weeks or even months of wondering and second guessing everything he says and does. If you ask him these questions and he says yes, that may not do the trick. If you want him to know where his heart is, there are some signs he is ready to stay committed and indeed loves you as much as you love him.
This starts with evaluating how much time he wants to spend with you as opposed to how much time the two of you are actually spending together. The difference is very telling. Think about how often he is the one suggesting you hang out. Does he call you quite often a bit just to talk? Does he make plans for the two of you to go out and do things together or is it that typically your responsibility? If a man is getting serious about
A woman, he wants to spend as much of his time as he can with her. If your man is constantly telling you that he can’t see you because of work or some other engagements, he may still be struck in the like mode, not love mode.
You can also tell how serious a guy is about you based on how well you know the other important people in his life. Many women don’t realise this as a great gauge for judging a man’s feelings. If he’s already introduced you to his family and close friends, take that as a very good sign. On the other hand, if he shies away from bringing you to any family gatherings or if you have never met the friends he spends a lot of time with, that’s not good at all. When a man is in love and thinking commitment with a woman, he wants everyone he loves to know her.
He can’t wait to tell you what happened in the day. Every night he updates you with how he spent his day, without you asking first. He finds it joy sharing these intimate details with you. When he hears a new joke, he can’t wait to call you immediately and make you laugh.
He is willing to share details of his finances with you. The topic of finances can be quite sensitive and is usually not something that is openly shared, even with friends. If he is willing to tell you, he probably treats you more than a casual friend!
He rushes to your side upon hearing that you are sick. Even if it is really late at night and he has an important meeting the next morning, he is willing to come and bring you to the doctor. Only a guy who is serious about you will be that worried!
He does not show signs that he is terrified when you mention something happening in a year or two. It shows that he is serious about the relationship he has with you. He can see himself being with you even two years later.
He seeks your opinion in everything from minor decisions to major ones.
It could be something as buying a tie to match his shirt. Or major ones like what car he should buy. It shows that he values your opinions and thinks that you have great judgement and insight as well.
If you are in a relationship and at the minimum 20% of all these is absent, then no one needs to tell you that he has no plans for you. He just does not love you enough or does not love you at all. He is probably dilly dallying with you until his Mrs Right comes along.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Signs she is not interested

Sometimes, signs of lack of interest are blatant and sometimes, they are vague. If you’re meeting someone for the first time and getting mixed signal, the woman may simply be nervous. In that case, you need more time to gauge her interest.
If you’ve know her a good while and are confused as to her interest in you, analyse how she acts and reacts around you.
She doesn’t return your calls.
She’s never available. Every time you suggest spending some time together, regardless of how casual you make it sound, she has other plans.
She keeps conversations with you to a minimum. If trying to talk to her is starting to resemble pepele pew chasing after Penelope pussycat, it is time to move on. A woman who is interested will look forward to talking to you and try to initiate conversation, not running away at top speed when she sees you coming. And if, when you finally do manage to corner her into conversation, she makes up a reason to leave.
Her eyes wander during conversation. When a woman avoids making eye contact with you, it is a bad sign in the romance department. She’s not interested in what you’re saying and is probably looking for a way out.
She avoids physical contact. If she greets everyone with a big bear hug and you end up with a quick, one- armed hug or less, it’s a safe bet she’s not only not interested, but perhaps is put off by you.
She seems closed off in general. When you talk to her, does she ask questions? Does she offer information about herself or share stories or memories? An interested woman will joke, tell stories, share memories and most likely touch your arm at some point. If she keeps her distance and doesn’t seem to enjoy being near you, there’s no doubt about it: you need to let this one go.
She says she’ll be right back and doesn’t come back. Congratulations, you’ve just been ditched. Maybe If she apologises for it later, don’t sweat it; but if it’s not the first time she’s done it and you’re seeing other signs, just save yourself the trouble and find someone who returns your interest.
She openly shows interest for someone else, especially around you. Ouch.
She draws attention to her flaws or plays up her friends. If she does one or both of these, she’s trying to direct your attention elsewhere. A woman would never brag about her flaws or try to make her friend sound like a better catch to a guy she’s interested in.
She tells you. You can’t get much more obvious than saying it flat-out: “I’m not interested in you”. If she’s big enough to tell you to your face, without playing games or beating around the bush, then be man enough to respect the fact that she doesn’t want a relationship with you; and find a woman who does.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Hello lovelies, January is winding up already *phew* and I thought it wise to review the goals I wrote down on January first. I discovered I have achieved all but one *covers face*. Well, amongst the goals was read two new books but guess what? I read four! Isn't that great? I read lost city, no such thing as work ethics, the alchemist and act like a lady, think like a man.
Well, I think I want to embark on novel exchange, if interested, kindly contact me, let's recycle our old books.
I also took less of fizzy drinks, less of junks............I wrote "lose 5kg" but I lost just 2kg *sad face* I really need to trim down from size 12 oh! Not for beauty reasons actually but for healthy living....some BMI ish.
January also saw me becoming a better person as my friend remarked most times "seyon, o ma to ro oh" it means "seyon you have become soft"......lool, I guess maturity comes with the virtue of tolerance too.

Lastly, I've hit over 5,000 blog view! *whoop whoop* I see blog views from kenya, indonesia, germany, brazil, india, etc and am usually like wow! Thanks for visiting my blog y'all. I love you! Xoxo

Monday, 27 January 2014

How to tell if it is love, infatuation or obsession

From the time immemorial, many people have mistaken infatuation and obsession for love. People just don’t know how to recognise and differentiate between each of these emotions. Incidentally, many singles are guilty of this. The universal misconception of each of these ideologies is one of the chief causes of divorce, single parent homes, and broken hearts.
Love connects you to your partner in positive, enriching ways. Love is the energy you feel and exhibit which is used, unselfishly, to promote your partner’s wellbeing, success and happiness. Love is much more than sweet nothings in your ear, sex and passionate feelings of longing. Love is concrete, measurable behaviour and action that demonstrates to your partner and the whole world that you respect and care for this person.
Words of love and romantic passion make promises to satisfy your needs and get you all worked up with the possibilities and the fantasies. However, love in action keeps those promises and satisfies those needs consistently and dependably until those fantasies becomes a reality. Loving moves your partner and yourself forward. You grow and develop and change to be the best you can be.
Infatuation and obsession on the other hand, are feelings that you must have or be with this person, no matter what. In many instances, this is someone you don’t know very well, or someone that has flatly told you he/she is not interested in a relationship with you. You formed an attachment base strictly on fantasies of the perfection or your wishes alone – no matter what the object of your affection feels about it. You cannot think, eat, or sleep without thinking of him/her.
Some people go off the deep end and become stalkers, calling and hanging up to see if she/he is at home, following them around to see where they are or who they are with. The most dangerous obsessive are those that decide that if they cannot have you, no one else will.
Infatuation is superficial. One is usually infatuated by another person’s looks, attitude and behaviour. When you know a person in and out, you tend to feel for him/her. This is pure infatuation and not love. Infatuation wears off fast and weakens with distance and time. If you are not in touch with your infatuated partner for a long while, it will tend to weaken and eventually wear off.
Infatuation is more common these days than actual love. One should know when it is infatuation and when it is true, romantic love, which develops slowly and gradually, while infatuation develops at almost no time. Those who rush into marriage learn by sad experience of self-made miseries. Infatuation is rushing into a bad decision while true love is attracted to the total personality of the person. Infatuation is mainly interested in the physical features, which depend on a few non-sense things, while true love is attracted to most of the qualities of the one loved.
True love affects your whole personality. Willing to learn, adjust and change to bring out the better qualities. Infatuation is blind, illusion and fantasy, trying to believe that the only thing that matters is their love for each other. True love is not only interested in the whole person but that the interest is growing warmer as the day goes by. In infatuation, the interest for each other goes between hot and cold, if not freezing.
It is on record that separation and distance makes true love fonder; but infatuation will not survive the test of separation or distance but will seek happiness in another person. True love always cultivates to nurture the relationship, always complimenting, never dominating.

True love causes two different personalities to grow intimately together that even a short separation will help in evaluating that emotional love.
True love can easily resolve quarrels and disagreements for healthier relationship. Infatuation can ignite little disagreement into a massive forest fire, leading into permanent break-up. While true love is concerned with giving way to improve and build stronger relationship, infatuation is concerned only with getting and receiving from the relationship for personal gains and interest.
True love is always unselfish; always giving. Infatuation is always waiting to receive. True love dwells in genuine humility and sacrifice for the loved one. Infatuation dwells in human ego and castle of arrogance.
True love is always responsible, willing to pay the cost, willing to endure hardship and suffering. Infatuation is always ready to escape into the open sea of unreliability. True love is not love at first sight but the result of knowing and accepting the person just as he is. Love requires knowledge.
True romantic love distinguishes between a body and a person. Choosing a girl because of her beautiful figure is unstable criterion. A person who easily falls in love with the appearance will also easily fall out of love.
True love is self-giving; it is not what you can get from another person but what you can give without expecting anything in return. The passionate desire for his/her body is not love but lust. Any prostitute can fully satisfy that burning desire.
True love can thrive without physical expressions until full commitment for marriage. If your only reason for having a sweetheart is to have someone to hug and caress, you had better buy yourself a life-size doll!
True love seeks to build a life and permanent relationship of marriage. The objective and goal of any relationship is marriage. Marriage is a triangular relationship between God, a man and a woman, not a triangle between three persons. Lust will not settle for octagon.
True love embraces difficult and serious responsibilities. Marital responsibility is far more than money. It is commitment to love the other person come what may. Lollipops and roses have nothing to do with true love.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Get your man to commit

You have been seeing a man who loves you, whether he uses the word or not. He loves sex with you, but more than that, he loves being with you. Even so, he hasn’t committed himself to you fully. Maybe he hasn’t asked you to marry him, though you’ve been seeing each other steadily or living together for a long time.
He is like a million of men who cheat themselves and the woman they care about out of a life that would make you both very happy. He is obviously afraid – possibly, even phobic about commitment.
Here are some tips for getting your man to commit:
1) Make it easy for him to confide in you by listening without giving him advice or criticising him.
He needs to know it’s safe to tell you more. And the more he tells you, the more committed he will become.

2) Make your man feel special by showing him that you love him for himself alone.
Early in a relationship, avoid asking him resume questions. They suggest you are sizing him up and deciding if he is a good risk as a potential husband. Remember, even if he turns out to be a billionaire, he needs to know that you liked him before you knew that fact.
Ask instead what he feels about things, what he likes and dislikes.
3) Try to be natural. Be yourself and don’t conceal your tastes or the things you like. Being natural would encourage him to be the same. He is special and you are special – but in different ways. Never put yourself under pressure by starting out with a lie.
4) Give your man the sense that he can keep his freedom- at least to a reasonable degree.
While you as a woman think of a new relationship as changing your life, your man thinks only of preservation. To him, sameness means security. If you try to change his life too fast, he will feel that his masculinity will be the next thing to go. He will already feel threatened. Make small gestures to show him that you aren’t taking over his life and taking everything away from him. For instance, be sure that he still has time to see his male friends alone.
5) Don’t let him do too much for you or spend too much (even if he volunteers)
If the balance goes too far this way, he will wake up some morning and ask himself, ‘what am I getting into?’ he will want to swing the pendulum the other way, which may be bad news for you. Don’t give him the impression that he has to do too much: that you are too costly.
Even rich guys feel this way. Offering to go half way is sometimes a symbolic act on your part that will mean more than you can imagine to him.
6) Don’t make your man jealous as a device to build his interest in you.
The old wisdom said that playing hard to get might clinch the commitment deal. But I’m telling you that the opposite is true. Most men, no matter what they say are very insecure about their sexual desirability and about their appeal. Your man will be most likely to commit if he feels you are completely loyal; because you find him the most attractive man in the world. Don’t discuss past lovers, even if he wants you to. Your anecdotes may turn him on for a while, but soon, he will start doubting you.
7) After a few months, insist that your man introduce you to his family and friends and to anyone important in his life.
His doing this is a very basic kind of commitment to him, an important step on the road to a lifetime commitment. The man who won’t bring you into his life won’t marry you. A man must see you interacting with the people important to him to think of you as his wife. His making you as part of his social life is an important rung on the ladder that he must climb towards commitment.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Effective Listening

Listening is one of the most important aspects of effective communication. Successful listening means not just understanding the words or the information being communicated but also understanding how the speaker feels about what they are communicating.
If your goal is to fully understand and connect with with the other person, listening effectively will often come naturally. If it doesn't, you can remember the following tips: 1) focus on the speaker, his/her body language and other non verbal clues 2)avoid interrupting or trying to redirect the conversation to your concern. Listening is not the same as waiting for your turn to talk. You can't concentrate on what someone is saying if you are forming what you are going to say next. 3) avoid seeming judgemental. In order to communicate effectively with someone, you don't have to like them or agree with their ideas, values or oinions. However, you do need to set aside your judgement and withold blame and criticism in order to fully understand a person. The most difficult communication, when successfully executed can lead to the most unlikely and profound connection with someone. 4) show your interest in what is being said.
Other communication tips include: a) be willing to compromise: if you realize that the other person cares much more about something than you do, compromise may be easier for you and do a good investement in the future of the relationship.
B) agree to disagree: emotions play an important role in the way we communicate. It is the way you feel, more than the way you think, that motivates you to communicate or make decisions. The way you react to emotionally driven, non verbal clues affects both how you understand other people and how they understand you. If you are out of touch with your feelings and don't understand how you feel or why you feel that way, you'll have a hard time communicating your feelings and needs to others. This can result in frustration, misunderstanding and conflict.
We all need to be emotionally aware ie the consciousness of your moment to moment emotional experiences and the ability to manage all of your feelings appropriately because it is the basis for effective communication. It also helps to 1) understand and emphatise with what is really troubling other people 2) understand yourself including what's really troubling you and what you really want 3) communicate clearly and effectively, even when delivering negative messages 4) build strong, trusting and rewarding relationships, think creatively, solve problems and resolve conflicts.
Remember to find the right time to talk to drive home the message else an attempt to communicate can end up in disaster, talk face to face - the advent to social media is the undoing of many relationships as we depend on them to communicate; really, they are a novel idea but somethings shouldn't be said on phone or bbm etc! Least of all, do not attack; a typical example is always being on the offensive when trying to justify lack of communication. We are quick to accuse people of not checking up on us and all but are quick to point out the fact that we have been busy, etc. Really, there is no excuse for lack of communication, while sometimes we might be genuinely busy, we should never pass the buck to the other fellow afterall there is nothing like being too busy, its just a matter of priorities!
Finally, the goal of effective communication is to find a healthy balance between your intellect aNd your emotions, between thinking and feeling. Remember, part of being in a healthy relationship is having good communication.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Phew......its been how many days since my last post????? Tomorrow has turned into a week and I've still not concluded the effective communication post and I feel like am not serious but the truth lovelies is that I've been extremely busy with my clearance.
Our final result was pasted on monday and our fate has been least I'll rest from the adrenaline pumping fast that comes with the "result has been pasted" announcement for a while. Well, I do not want to start the "had I known" talk and all of that because this is not the time for reminiscing and wishing I did this and that, it won't add nothing to my GP. Am looking forward to the new world that is starting For me; so soon, Seyon would start earning salary and stop being placed on pocket money? *whew* the though of the fact that am now semi independent *rme* is scary kinda oh, now am beginning tp appreciate all the free food and money dad and mum have provided for me from birth till date.
Before I forget, I want to thank all of you that visit my blog but don't drop comment(s) *tongue out* I appreciate you! Its been over three months I started this and my pageview says a lot! Thanks y'all. My critics, thanks, friendS I've made here, thanks, infact thanks to you, you and you, and nnanna, I've not started making money from blogging oh! Lool.
A particular friend, "mr anonymous" has gone AWOL since last year and am beginning to get scared oh, I hope you are fine.
Well, those asking for my contact, err, I don't want to put my phone number yet but you can connect me via instagram on Seyonhun, twitter is hundeyin1, facebook is Seyon Patience Hundeyin and gmail is

PS I wish all my blog readers writing their exams success! Go for the As!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Effective Communication

Part of being in a healthy relationship is engaging in good communication. By relationship here I do not mean sexual affair and all, friendship however distant is also a form of relationship. I didn't see this post coming but as I sat down this afternoon and took stock of my life, it dawned on me I hardly communicate the way I used to, well, communication is a two way traffic you know. One person cannot keep doing the whole checking up all the time so I just googled communication tips and I got useful tips.
Effective communication helps us better understand a person or situation and enables us to resolve differences, build trust and respect, and create environments where creative ideas, problem solving, affection and caring can flourish. Within 5 minutes of meeting a new person and chatting, I can give an idea of who you are and the ideals you represent. I remember lately I met a dude on twitter, good diction, good looks and all, since I had time to spare, we started chatting on bbm and given the kinda respect I had in my mind's image for him, I was keeping my cool when he was always talking about my endowments; but it got to a head when dude started going all sexual and started sending me nudes *sigh* from the lil moments of communication we had, I could understand his type of person. You get my drift?
Also, effective communication is about more than just exchanging information, it is about understanding the emotion behind the information since the goal of effective communication is to find a healthy balance between your intellect and your emotions, between thinking and feeling. It enables you to communicate even negative or difficult messages without creating conflict or destroying trust. Effective communication combines a set of skills including non verbal communication, attentive listening, the ability to manage stress in the moment and the capacity to recognize and understand your own emotions and those of the person you're communicating with.
While effective communication is a learned skill, it is more effective when its spontaneous rather than formulatic. If there's one thing I hate, its stereotyped kinda communication, esp on bbm. Eg: you: gm me: g (I hate it when people type gm, if you can't spell fully, expect same or no reply self) you: how was your night me: fine you: have you eaten me: no (you wan gimme food) you: what are you doing me: nothing (urrrgh! Stupid question) and you do this same every day! When such people ping me or try to communicate, its more like a zombie chat because the questions are already programmed. Try to spice up the conversation, that way either party doesn't get bored. I hope I've been able to impact a life out there, I shall continue tomorrow.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Stage five

Looking at the future together

42. Both of you at some point will question your ability to be faithful forever. Keep it to yourself and don't take it personally if he's having the same doubts.
43. If you wonder whether you're settling, ask yourself, am I spending so much time saving this relationship that I've neglected the goals I had before we met? If I walked away right now, could I live with losing him? If you answer no, stick with it and re-value in six months.
44. Love doesn't conquer all. Some incompatibilities just won't go away, no matter how much you care.
45. Don't compare your relationship to other people's. Every couple - even the perfect looking ones has problems.
46. Innocent jealousy keeps things spicy.
47. Get real about sex.
48. If you do slip up and cheat, think very hard before you confess. Sometimes coming clean does more harm than good.
49. Life is long. If the timing just isn't right now, take a break. It doesn't mean you won't be together at some point.
50. Life is also short. Make a point to laugh your asses off regularly. The rest will take care of itself.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Stage four

Cruising into the comfort zone

29. One habit all happy couple share: doing fun things together. Competitive games have A strong effect because they raise adrenaline, which helps you bond.
30. Don't let him see you peeing, plucking your eyebrow, or doing an at-home bikini wax. You can be "real" in ways that don't chip away at romance.
31. Keep some secrets to preserve mystery.
32. Jump on him instead of next to him on the couch. Being sexy and playful takes effort, but its the glue that keeps couples together.
33. Don't forget to kiss.
34. .............And hug too. Guys have less oxytocin, the brain's bonding chemical than women do, but it can be oosted with frequent touch.
35. If your body has changed since you met, good God, don't point it out! Men rarely notice details like cellulite and sag gage.
36. Balance out each negative interaction with five positive actions.
37. Don't succumb to pity sex when you're not feeling it.
38. Get past a sex slump by isolating yourselves with no distraction and one agenda : sex!
39. Space is healthy and no one person can be responsible for your happiness.
40. Be unpredictable. Guys want variety but they don't require it from other girls.
41. Always thank him for little stuff. Appreciation keeps the good deeds coming.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Stage two

Going on to the next level

10. He is not your boyfriend until he calls you his girlfriend or agrees to be exclusive. End of story.
11. When you have a problem with his lifestyle, speak up before you get really angry. If you don't tell him that his partying bugs you, you'll Eventually explode on him - not a smart communication technique.
12. Let him be the first to say the L Word. Men generally need more time to process emotions and voice them. Hearing it could make him feel cornered.
13. If you need a define this relationship talk, initiate it while walking with your guy. Low-key activity lowers his stress hormone levels, which rise when he's forced to chat about his emotions.
14. Hang out with happy couples he knows and thinks are cool. When he sees commitment as a fun thing, he'll become more comfortable with it.
15. If you think you want to marry a guy, wait to move in until you're engaged. Otherwise, he'll feel less incentive to take the next step.
16. Shacking up while you're engaged is a smart move. Cohabiting presents a host of challanged that are best handled prior to marriage.
17. Deliver an ultimatum to get a commitment only if you're prepared to walk away. Be firm about expectations and give him a deadline.
18. You cannot force a guy to cut ties with his past.....but explain why his hanging out with an ex or a cokehead friend hurts you. If he really cares, he'll respect your wishes or tell you why he needs continued contact.
19. Cut your guy some slack if he promises you'll be engaged once he reaches a goal, like finishing grad shool. But give him only nine months, after that to make good on his word.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Stage three

Hitting the first rough patch

20. Develop binocular vision: the ability to see his perspective plus your own. Try to appreciate his point of view and he'll be more likely to appreciate yours.
21. Couch on a complaint between compliments: "you're a great schmooser, but I'd like a call if you'll miss dinner because of client drinks. I love our evening time together, and I want to know when it will start."
22. Get him to act by using humour. Point out a pile of wet towels by joking "nothing like coming home to the sweet smell of mildew."
23. Know this: over time, a guy's attitudes, opinions, beliefs, politics and views towards money could be fluid. What probably won't change: his values, stance on onogamy and religious befiefs.
24. Speak about your specifics - birthday presents you'd like, a restaurant you want to go to. Men don't pick up on subtle clues.
25. If you find out something bad about his past, like he cheated on an ex, ask why he did it and what he learned. If he is contrite and has vowed to chhange, chances are, he won't do it again.
26. When he seems overwhelmed during an arguement, take a 20- minute breal. Mens bodies easily flood with stress hormones, triggering an instinct to fell.
27. Watch your mouth in moments of anger. Cruel or contemptuous comments are oftenforgiven but not forgotten.
28. Don't criticise his attempts to say sorry. Men apologise through activity, so although you may not hear the word, you'll see it when he takes you to dinner or gives you a massage after a fight.

Relationship tips

This post is so long am not sure I can post everything. I got the tips from Cosmopolitan and its worth your time *winks*

Falling in love? Easy. Staying in love? Not always so easy. Which is why you need this crash course in romance reality.
Now, cosmo outlined five major love stages, each with its share of speed bumps, and supplied keys to navigating them - 50 in all. Because, hey, even if you're not exactly sure where you're going together, shouldn't you at least enjoy the trip?

Stage one
Falling in lust
1. Don't sleep with a guy on the first date if you want the best shot at some kind of future with him. Yes, plenty of relationships do start that way, but you risk being put into the one time filing category.
2. Never pretend to be into a guy's hobbies. Your true colours will come out.
3. When a guy tells you he isn't looking for a commitment, repeat to to a friend or write it down. That forces you to accept that he means it........and he does.
4. Enjoy the moment when you're on dates. That means no discussing the future with him or worrying is he the one? By date four. For the first month or so, your only job is to have fun.
5. Focus on your own pleasure in bed. If you're too busy showing off your skills, you'll forget to enjoy yourself (and rob him of the pleasure of driving you wild).
6. Listen to what his friends and family say about him. Offhand comments ("he was never a one woman guy before meeting you") are some of the best tip-offs to the real him. So pay attention!
7. Sit or stand side by side with your man while doing things together whenever possible. Men typically feel moe relaxed and intimately connected in this position that when you're directly facing each other.
8. Spend equal - if not more - time with your friends in the first few months of dating. Guys often rush into a relationship, then suddenly cry, "this is moving too fast" you have to accept the brakes.
9. Keep your options open for at least three months before deciding to be exclusive. You need a minimum of 90 days to even begin to know what someone is really like.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

BSc at last.

At last, I defended my project today. Am so happy, I don't have much to say but I want to thank the ancient of days, giver of wisdom, knowledge and understanding for sustaining my life; I started this journey with many people but along the line, some dropped out, some died, etc.
In 2008, the journey started with pre degree, 2009, I became a student, the journey wasn't easy really, there were times I felt like changing department, unlike the general belief that food science and technology is synonymous with cooking, we did a lot of engineering courses, infact we didn't do anything related to cooking.
The great friends I made, sisters more than friends Bukola and Tope, am glad our path crossed, six years don waka, we still dey carry go! Val, tola, ola, busayo, its been amazing being your friend!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Hair palava

The least favourite thing I like to talk about is my hair, either worn naturally or styled! I've never been one to fuss over my hair, infact if I had my way I'll just go on Anita baker haircut.
So am sitting in this salon now and the lady weaving my hair is doing it so tightly, I complained and it became a crime *sobs* why is it that Nigerian hair dressers handle our hair like they are weaving barbie doll's hair? I mean, unlike Barbie, I can feel pains! I don't understand why I would make my hair and use pain relievers afterwards! Infact am regretting why I visited this salon today! Na jeje I dey wey the madam come meet me for house market her salon oh! *in ameerat ojo's voice* kilese mi? Tani mo se?

Friday, 3 January 2014

Little eyes upon you

There are little eyes upon upon you
And they are watching night and day
There are little ears that quickly
Take in every word you say
There are little hands all eager
To do anything you do
And a little boy who is dreaming
Of the day he'll be like you
You're the wisest of the wise
In his little mind
About you, no suspision ever arises
He believes in you devoutly
Holds all that you say and do
He will say and do in your way
When he's grown up like you
There's a wide eyed little fellow
Who believes you're always right
And his eyes are always opened
And he watches night and day
You're setting an example
Everyday in all you do
For the little boy who's waiting
To grow up to be like you

Dear readers, believe me, you are someone's idol, someone's role model, there is someone in whose eyes you can never go wrong. One of the most frightening moment of my life was when some kids were like "aunty, we love you, when we grow up we want to be like you" tears welled up in my eyes immediately, I went weak in the knees, my palms started sweating, my heart was racing faster than Usain Bolt, conflicting thoughts started arising within me. I sat down slowly and started to xray my life, I asked myself if I was worthy of being a role model with my short fuse temper. That was a major turning point in my life. I just had to try to be the perfect girl because trust kids to take in everything we do quick!
The way it happened to me, am sure it is the same for everyone of us. Lets try to be the best in everything we do, remember, a person of character meets the demands of duty, is accountable, pursues excellence and exercises self control.
Cheers to the weekend.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Mr Nobody (Anonymous)

I know a funny little man,
As quiet as a mouse,
Who does the mischief that is done
In everybody's house!
There's no one ever sees his face
And yet we all agree
That every plate we break was cracked
By Mr Nobody

'tis he who always tears our books,
Who leaves the door ajar
He pulls the buttons from our shirts
And scatters pins afar
That squeaking door will always squeak
For prithee, don't you see,
We leave the oiling to be done
By Mr Nobody

The finger marks upon the door
By none of us are made
We never leave the blinds unclose
To let the curtains fade
The ink we never spill;
The boots that lying round you see
Are not our boots, they all belong
To Mr Nobody.

Am sure we are familiar with this poem! As kids we never admitted to any offence so my dad made my brothers and I learn this poem. My lil cousins now do same so I had to google it and share.
What poem reminds you of growing up?

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Today is the tomorrow we spoke about yesterday.
Welcome to 2014, a year of overflow. 2013 was an amazing year for me and I trust 2014 to be more than amazing! We shall flourish like the palm tree planted by the rivers of water, all our dreams shall come true!
Welcome to the future.