Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Phew......its been how many days since my last post????? Tomorrow has turned into a week and I've still not concluded the effective communication post and I feel like am not serious but the truth lovelies is that I've been extremely busy with my clearance.
Our final result was pasted on monday and our fate has been least I'll rest from the adrenaline pumping fast that comes with the "result has been pasted" announcement for a while. Well, I do not want to start the "had I known" talk and all of that because this is not the time for reminiscing and wishing I did this and that, it won't add nothing to my GP. Am looking forward to the new world that is starting For me; so soon, Seyon would start earning salary and stop being placed on pocket money? *whew* the though of the fact that am now semi independent *rme* is scary kinda oh, now am beginning tp appreciate all the free food and money dad and mum have provided for me from birth till date.
Before I forget, I want to thank all of you that visit my blog but don't drop comment(s) *tongue out* I appreciate you! Its been over three months I started this and my pageview says a lot! Thanks y'all. My critics, thanks, friendS I've made here, thanks, infact thanks to you, you and you, and nnanna, I've not started making money from blogging oh! Lool.
A particular friend, "mr anonymous" has gone AWOL since last year and am beginning to get scared oh, I hope you are fine.
Well, those asking for my contact, err, I don't want to put my phone number yet but you can connect me via instagram on Seyonhun, twitter is hundeyin1, facebook is Seyon Patience Hundeyin and gmail is

PS I wish all my blog readers writing their exams success! Go for the As!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. God is your strength , keep doing wat u do. U will get deer my friend

    1. Thanks dearie for checking my blog out!

  2. I am sure you did well in your exams! Keep up the good work on the blog.

  3. wish you sucess dear

  4. lol @ free food. Enjoy the free food o cos by the time salary starts entering your hand you are so on your own then you would begin to appreciate all what your parents used to buy at home. Congrats dear....

  5. Congrats dear...Go out there and do exploits!!
    Amen to your prayers for US