Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Hello lovelies, January is winding up already *phew* and I thought it wise to review the goals I wrote down on January first. I discovered I have achieved all but one *covers face*. Well, amongst the goals was read two new books but guess what? I read four! Isn't that great? I read lost city, no such thing as work ethics, the alchemist and act like a lady, think like a man.
Well, I think I want to embark on novel exchange, if interested, kindly contact me, let's recycle our old books.
I also took less of fizzy drinks, less of junks............I wrote "lose 5kg" but I lost just 2kg *sad face* I really need to trim down from size 12 oh! Not for beauty reasons actually but for healthy living....some BMI ish.
January also saw me becoming a better person as my friend remarked most times "seyon, o ma to ro oh" it means "seyon you have become soft"......lool, I guess maturity comes with the virtue of tolerance too.

Lastly, I've hit over 5,000 blog view! *whoop whoop* I see blog views from kenya, indonesia, germany, brazil, india, etc and am usually like wow! Thanks for visiting my blog y'all. I love you! Xoxo


  1. Hehe! Great! It's just January, u v achieved a lot, that great!


    1. Lool....kidding me yeah? Thanks for visiting