Friday, 31 January 2014

What is the period of courtship

Though there is no stipulated period for courtship, there is the need for two people planning to marry to know each other beyond doubts before marriage. That a man/woman is ‘sweet’, pleasant and ad heralded good fortune into your life doesn’t make them your perfect mate.
Choosing your life partner mean a thorough investigation of personality, traits/character, family background and past affairs. The sizzling passion that characterises courtship has blinded many singles that they rushed to the altar and in short time, had broken marriages.
That you are sexually compatible does not make you perfect for each other. Know yourselves, know the family lineage and in a setting like Africa, you cannot avoid ‘prayer consultations/prophesies’ because not a few families believe strongly in this. Never be foolishly in love to avoid ‘investigations’ before saying ‘I do’.


  1. While there is no stipulated period for courtship, it is important that the people involved get to know each other. You don't want 'had I known' to be your national anthem (you know what I mean).