Saturday, 22 February 2014

Birthday wishes

Only special people receive wishes from me and you have always been on top of the list………………..yes, I mean it. I like everything about you. You spread positive vibes where ever you go!

Happy birthday to you
I want to do something special for you
It’s your birthday and you’re special too
So I brought some guabs from the outer guab zoo
They honk and squak and sing just for you
Happy birthday to you
Open your eyes, here’s a present
More crazy creatures, don’t worry they are pleasant
They’re upside downwards on inside out swings
They do things backwards and backwards theyu sing
Yipppah yadhtrib, yippah yadhtrib, yippah yippah
Yadhtrib ot ouy
Which means
Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you!
There’s a party, a party today (yimu)
A once in a year occasion
A party (party), it’s coming your way
Your birthday celebration!
The greatest present I’ve saved till the end
Because you’re the bestest of all my friends
Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you!
I wanted to tell you in my own special way
You’re extra special! So have a great day.

The words are from Disney channel (covers face, baby things) but it says encapsules everything I wanna say.
Happy birthday Temitope Saliu, my bestest bestie, my buttercup, my very own sugar, my one and only………………….kiss kiss


  1. I literally smiled and imagined the crazy creatures, cause i know its it might be invisible but its real, Thank you. Am so blessed and humbled by your love and friendship.

    1. Am so lucky I have you baby! Its not easy to put up with me and my flaws but you proved that wrong!

  2. inyeee *wink wink* love good o! Happy Birthday in arrears and advance Lol!
    Same day as my friend, Tolsbee ^-^