Monday, 14 April 2014


Today is the day you have been dreaming about
Tomorrow is yet a dream of prospect for you
Today comes before tomorrow you have in view
Tomorrow comes after today you have to venture
Today is the tomorrow you desired yesterday
Tomorrow may soon become another today of your life
Today is the beginning of the rest of your life
Tomorrow depends on how best you spend today
Today is the day that opens new opportunities of your success
Tomorrow’s harvest depends solely on what you sow today
Today requires your full concentration for success
Today be sure you do something tangible and worthwhile for your progress
Tomorrow and yesterday’s worries remain a hindrance to success
Tomorrow may eventually turn to be a fictitious dream of today
Today is your day to launch out and succeed
This day accords you with bundles of glorious opportunities
Forget your failures of yesterday and anxieties of what tomorrow holds for you
Yesterday has passed never to return again
Tomorrow is a dream of what may never be
Why bothering your today with the worries of yesterday and tomorrow?


  1. wow! just wow! Amazing words Amaka.

  2. If today is tomorrows eve, then its worth the trials, risks, fights n adventure to make tomorrow an extraordinary day(I LOVE THE WORDS FROM MY MUM THAN WHATEVER I CAN IMAGINE)