Thursday, 22 May 2014


Hi sweethearts, I just suddenly felt like ranting tonight and since I’ve stopped keeping a hardcopy diary, I have just this outlet to do it, abi I can’t rant on my blog again?
I’ve been feeling drained lately, this pre NYSC job is practically squeezing life out of me; teaching from 8am – 4pm, hey some days I enjoy it because I like being around kids and these kids adore me the way I adore them but some other days, I just pray for July to come quickly so I can prepare for NYSC. I’ve lost weight self, I guess it’s good since I’ve always wanted to shed some pounds but the way people have been asking me if am sick lately ehn, I don’t even know what to say again. This gaddem tummy should just go down fast or the fats in my tummy should kindly migrate to my buttocks and hips…..hehehe if wishes were horses.
I was thinking the other day and I realized I’ve never been taken out on a date in all my years of being in a relationship. I go to the movies with the girls, we go to joints, we go to the mall and all but with that special person, it has never happened and am like am I not pretty enough or what? *wailing* this life isn’t fair oh. I’ve also never gotten either a birthday gift, valentine’s day gift or just ok Seyon, I saw this shoes and I know you’ll like it from a bf *sad face* apart from gifts from close girlfriends and family….okay I remember Jide got me a wristwatch that year but that’s just one out of my xxx number of boyfriends I ever had (keep guessing).
My birthday is on the 14th of July and I’ve already written a list of things I want. Well, all these my stalkers/crush/toasters that are giving me the you are the one I need in my life stories, you are reading this oh, if I don’t get any gift from you, am so cutting you off forever , don’t even bother to call me back if you ring me and you hear “who is this ?”
right now, I feel like a lost puppy far away from home, nothing seem to interest me these days, and I can’t point to this and say this is it.


The external environmental analysis may reveal certain new opportunities for profit and growth. Some examples of such opportunities may include:
#provision of soft loans to start up business
#increase in per capital income in some regions
#reduction in the tuition fees of foreign universities
#reduction in interest rates

Threats in the environment may include trends and changes that could inhibit your growth and development. For example
#preference of foreign degrees
#the use of catchment area in recruitment
#the lack of access to capital, loans and high interest rates












The purpose of an external audit is to develop a finite list of opportunities that could benefit you and threats that should be avoided. It is aimed at identifying key factors which are actionable i.e. taking advantage of the opportunities and minimizing the external threats.


Bold / risk arrogant
Trusting indiscriminate
Competitive combative
Optimistic unrealistic
Determined head strong
Articulate manipulative
Independent careless
Charming extravagant
Out spoken autonomous
Sociable unstable
Decisive undiplomatic
Relational situational
Direct dictatorial
Communicative gossipy
Strategic rude
Flexible unfocused
Goal oriented ruthless
Passionate illogical


Stable easily manipulated
Modest severe
Helpful timid
Precise picky
Peaceful dependent
Calculating scheming
Team oriented close mouthed
Cautious distrustful
Good listener cowardly
Detailed fixated
Cooperative possessive
Accurate fault finding
Loyal resistant
Logical theoretical
Traditional uninvolved
Idealist crafty
Neutral grudging
Private compelling

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

SWOT Analysis 1

SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities and threats. The personal SWOT analysis will help you analyse and match your competencies and capabilities to the opportunities existing within the environment.
SW is focused on personal audit
OT is focused on the external environment audit
Performing an internal audit requires gathering, assimilating and evaluating information about your person.
STRENGTHS: competencies you possess in form of knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences. Your key strengths cannot be easily matched or imitated by other people. For example the following are considered strengths.
#Proficiency in diverse computer applications
#Excellent written and oral communication
#Professional certification, etc

WEAKNESSES: the absence of certain necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes may be viewed as a weakness. For example, the following may be considered weaknesses.
#Lack of computer literacy
#Lack of additional or professional qualification
#Poor graduating class of degree
#Inability to speak more than one language or dialect

List your KEY personal strengths and weaknesses











Monday, 19 May 2014

Personality type overview

Goal: authority and action
Fears: being taken advantage of
Environment: antagonistic or hostile
Management: executive
Conflicts: wants to win
Goal: persuasion and motivation
Fears: fear of loss of social approval
Environment: favourable
Management: promotions
Conflicts: wants to resolve
Goal: consistency and standards
Fears: criticism or change in circumstances
Environment: unfavourable due to antagonistic factors
Management: financial
Conflicts: withdraws
Goal: specialisation and cooperation
Fears: loss of security or change in status quo
Environment: favourable but tentative
Management: operations
Conflicts: yields

Sunday, 18 May 2014

20 ways to grow and protect your wealth

1. Set out your goals / objectives
2. Review your income status
3. Develop a budget
4. Create alternative income sources
5. Save for six months, invest for a lifetime
6. Avoid spontaneous spending
7. Spend according to your income and budget
8. Seek financial advice
9. You may opt for discretionary management (which allows a professional to manage your money for you)
10. You may also embark on the ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) self direct investment journey
11. Articulate your investment goals and horizon
12. Assess your risk tolerance (based on your age, lifestyle, etc)
13. Review your expenses and financial status
14. Be aware of what stage you are in with your financial lifecycle
15. Match your goals with appropriate investment options
16. Develop financial strategies to achieve set goals
17. Align your short term goals with short term investments
18. Align your long term goals with long term assets
19. Periodically monitor your progress and update your plans
20. Start small, think big

Friday, 16 May 2014


I hate bread but in my house, its one staple but most times I skip it and just drink my milk because I hate tea too, by tea I mean Lipton and not Milo oh! Milo is just a chocolate drink. So when I have to take bread and tea, I like to cut my bread into pieces and put inside my teacup for it to soak well. Well my mum says its bad habit but I’ve not had course to drink tea in public so as is my usual practise, I visited university of Google and I saw various opinion.

Some feel it’s bad table manner but hey, is there a law that says I shouldn’t soak my bread in my tea? The time I will use to chew my bread and drink tea, I’ll just save half of it by soaking my bread *grinning*

Come on, don’t Europeans dunk too? Do we even have to follow everything the colonial masters did hook, line and sinker?

I even read on nairaland that the standard is to bite off the bread, chew it and sip the tea from the teacup. Duuh . The truth is bad habit is relative. Who set the standard on how to drink tea?

Ok, let’s even define dunking. Wikipedia defines dunking as ‘dunking, usually indicates a submersion of biscuit, bread, buttered toast, cake or donought into a beverage, especially tea, coffee or hot or cold milk’. Dunking releases more flavour from confections by dissolving the sugars, while also softening their texture. You dey read am so?

Whether I dip tea in bread, or bread in tea, the koko is that it’s my tummy it ends up.


Monday, 12 May 2014

Much ado about dating

These days, we’re dating could mean a lot of things. It could mean ‘we’re just having sex’, it could mean he/she is just my maga, it could mean we’re friends with benefits(topic for another day), it could mean he/she is just someone I ring when am bored and so on but mostly never the one am seeing who adds value to my life.
Sometimes I just agree with my friend who sees dating as a waste of time…..that’s when I feel like oh! (am weird, I know) because I don’t agree 100% that I have to eat ogbono, gbegiri, ewedu, oha, onugbu, afang, banga etc to know my favourite or I have to date to gain experience, hell no! Sexual experience? Experience to be street wise? Experience in handling guys/ knowing fully well no two individuals are wired the same way. Neither do I agree I have to stay without dating till am married *rme*
You know, what you get is a temporary feeling of love and belonging. In most cases, we don’t get married to our date and in the end, we ask ourselves, what’s the point? Now take someone who catches feelings quickly, how many guys will she date before settling down? If sex is involved how many guys will she have humped to be qualified as an agaracha? Now am not here to preach abstinence oh! Every mallam with his kettle. Now back to the matter, most times these people don’t help each other grow, all they do is go out to eat pizza, go to the movies, go shopping and sex! Sex!! Sex!!!. I might be wrong but what’s the point if am with a guy for a period of time and in the end, I can’t point to this and say, awwww, I miss xyz, he inspired me to become a blogger, etc? It pains me oh, I know my own is too much…lool
Now, we should realise our happiness isn’t based on someone else’s perception of us. Being in a relationship doesn’t guarantee happiness! Yes, there’s the ecstasy that comes with being in a new relationship, but hey, it’s the same way I feel when I get a new pair of shoe, I can wake up in the midnight and switch my light on, pick it up and start to admire before I sleep off again (I told you am weird like that) that’s the same way we feel when we just start dating. So tying your happiness to some boy or girl is just like making yourself a pawn in their hands, they can tune you to be happy or unhappy. You get?
The truth is no one finds love, it finds you but hey, it takes time to be certain we’ve discovered the one person we want to spend our lives with albeit short and it takes time for love to grow and build a relationship that will stand the rough and rocky road upon which life will surely send us travelling.
Forget about the whole lovey-dovey, yes, am a hopeless romantic but then, after the initial gra gra, when the chips are down, it takes more than ‘I love you’ to sustain a relationship, it’s real work!
Also, you need to understand yourself, know yourself, realise your values and what you can offer. If you know you don’t do guys who can’t speak good English, don’t date one guy who can’t with the hope of polishing him! My dear you’ll end up frustrated! You can’t change people!! I like to say ‘love is finding someone whose differences you can mesh with yours to make yourselves better than ever’, don’t lower your standard for anything, make a guy realise your ideals before you venture into it to avoid stories like’ you have changed and the likes’
Figure out what makes you happy, don’t date with expectations or preconceived thoughts. It takes time to know a person and see how loyal they are. It’s best to save your feelings for someone who can reciprocate.
When we ‘look’, it’s usually a waste of time because to some extent, what we get is what we want to see in people and not who they really are! It’s more like forcing me to be who you want me to be and it’s just a waste of time and trust me, that interest can never be sustained. That spark will die as fast as it was ignited. Have no expectations and everything will fall in place.
Sometimes, I look back and am like, oh my God, how could I have lowered my standard/ and I really don’t think my past experiences were that great. Thankfully am not one to indulge in long term dating, my longest was 11 months…it’s not like am proud of it and all but all in all, I’ve come to realise that we can’t always stay, sometimes, we have to move on. We’re not always given a choice. At some point, people don’t have to stay. Some do, some don’t. We just have to love them while we can and learn whatever we’re meant to learn from them and finally, just because you love me, and I love you doesn’t mean we’re meant to be.

PS. I couldn’t come up with a better title.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Saving for the rainy day

I heard or rather read about this idiom ‘saving for the rainy day’ a long while ago, when I was still in primary school on my father’s project dedication. His project was dedicated to Sussy Onyeleonu (my mum and now Sussy Hundeyin) ‘for teaching him the concept of saving for the rainy day’ and that idiom stuck since then.
Saving for the rainy day is to save money for a time when it might be needed unexpectedly.
Everyone who has access to some form of income (pocket money, salary, wages, etc) really needs to have this as his/her motto as unforeseen circumstances can occur and at that point in time, we might not be expecting our source of cash at that moment.
It doesn’t matter how much you earn or how well you plan things out in life, bad things happen from time to time and even the best laid plans could go terribly wrong.
Your phone can get bad, your car might break down and need a lot of money in repairs, illnesses can come( they really don’t give notices)in any case, these things would cost money and you can’t always be prepared but you can be prepared if you save money for the rainy day!
The fund is not the one in your main account, no! I get tempted to take my debit card and withdraw ₦1000 per day and ₦1000 for 30 days is ₦30,000! You get my drift?
Our family and friends no matter how caring they are, also have their responsibilities and trust me they won’t neglect their obligations just to help you! You see why you need to save for the rainy day?
The amount you decide to set aside each month or day if that’s what is convenient for you is up to you to decide based on your income but it has to be substantial in order to have something tangible.
Now this account that you will use for saving should be one that would not have a debit card attached to it because that urge will come for you to withdraw and ‘pay back later’. I’ve been there so I know.
Asides saving for the rainy day, you can save for stuffs like a vacation, a new gadget (I did it), etc. you can even save for the sole purpose of splurging on shoes, clothes instead of buying on impulse.
So what are we waiting for? Start with your piggy bank (an old empty bottle can do) or just go straight and save it in the bank!
Save something today no matter how little.

Friday, 9 May 2014


We are not friends because we look the same
We are not friends because we think alike
We are friends because when we met
We touched each other’s heart
And since that special moment
There’s been nothing that could change
What three caring souls were able to start
Because we opened ourselves to accept and receive
We are blessed with a beautiful friendship so few achieve
I am proud of you two!
Tope Saliu and Bukola Adelu
Cheers to friendship!!!
BFFs for ever

Thursday, 8 May 2014


Amelia Tracy said
Within you, I’ve found the perfect friend
Someone who I know will be there till the end
And they’re not just thoughts I hope to fulfil
But thoughts that will stand forever

Within you I’ve found the perfect friend
A mind I can comprehend
A person I see is so much like me
A mutual relationship so carefree

Within you I’ve found the perfect friend
With whom I can be real and never pretend
You’ve always been unique from the rest
You hold a piece of me no other can possess

Babes, I wish I could be the greatest friend in the world but there is no way to be a better friend than you are.
Happy birthday Bukola Adelu, our friendship means more than words can say, enjoy this year and use it as a launch pad for your future.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Have you ever developed strong feelings for a guy/girl but you’ve never met him/her? Never talked to him/her on the phone? Never skyped with him/her?
Today we’ll be looking at online relationships. Materials / content are from the internet.
Wikipedia defines an online relationship as an interpersonal relationship between people who have met online and in many cases know each other only via the internet. This relationship can be romantic, platonic or even based on business affairs.
People no longer need to search on the street to find casual relationship, they can find them online.
An online relationship is tricky as it provides the opportunity for misrepresentation particularly in the early stages of a relationship when commitment is low and self representation and enhancement agenda are high but it isn’t impossible. By communicating regularly, being honest and making time to really get to know each other, an online relationship can grow.
When going into an online relationship, make sure to do the following.
- Make sure the site is legitimate
- Check the site’s privacy setting
- Protect your identity. Do not give your cell phone number till you feel completely comfortable
- Stay anonymous until you feel safe
- Trust your guts
- Never send money
- Avoid getting too personal too early
- Report threats to law enforcement
- Do set aside time each day to talk on the phone, email, skype or chat online with your partner and make sure it’s a time when you both will not be interrupted
- Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not just so the other person will like you more
- Do remember important dates in your new partner’s life, send ecards on birthdays and remember to congratulate them on important events like job promotion, football team’s win, etc
With time, relationships get boring, whether real or virtual, to stop an online relationship from being boring,
- Include each other in your day to day lives and activities as much as possible
- Make the conversation personal
- Be spontaneous and creative
- Be cautious
- Discuss the future
Warning signs
- Extravagant stories: eg am a model, a flight attendant and in medical school. Like seriously?
- Will never video chat: what are they afraid of?
- No updated pictures: same profile picture for a long time without changing it. Common! Is your face that bad?
- Limited number of pictures: you don’t have to beg before he/she sends pictures. Have you been dating and you’ve got just three pictures of your partner? That’s not good enough
- No phone calls: this is one of the red warning signs in a relationship, virtual or real. Why would my partner not want to hear my voice? Heaven knows I don’t hesitate to call it quits once we start to have call issues
- Provide limited information: we are dating for deuces sake! I should know some vital things about you
- No key information; if you’re in a relationship and your partner is not giving up the goods on what fly really feels like, then it really isn’t a relationship
- Inconsistent stories: little inconsistencies can add up to lies!
Have you ever been in an online relationship or catfished in one?

Monday, 5 May 2014



Given the fact that I am a teacher I had the urge to do this, with help from Google of course.
Self esteem is a feeling which comes from an awareness of what is good and having done it. It is our self concept. It builds strong convictions, it creates willingness to accept responsibilities, it builds optimistic attitude, and it leads to better relationship and fulfilling lives. It makes a person more sensitive to other’s need and develop a caring attitude. It makes a person self motivated and ambitious, it makes a person open to new opportunity and challenges; it improves performance and increase risk taking. It helps one to give and receive both criticism and complement tactfully and easily.
Giver, talks about ideas, caring attitude, humility, respects authority, courage and confidence, concerned about character, assertive, accept responsibilities.
Taker, talks about people, critical, arrogance, rebels against authority, goes along to get along, concerned about reputation, aggressive, self interest.

Children learn what they live. If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn; if a child lives with hostility, he learns to fight; if a child lives with praise, he learns to appreciate; if a child lives with shame, he learns to feel guilty; if a child lives with encouragement, he learns confidence; if a child lives with fairness, he learns justice. Teachers, know yourselves. Be aware of the prejudices, assumptions and emotions you take with you to the classroom. Remember you are the grown up.

Sunday, 4 May 2014


The essence of life is living
But death is an inevitable end
Which the blue blood and the red blood will not escape
Some say life is well
But some prefer it harsh
Some regret ever living
But who will escape that end?
Do not blame destiny
Do not blame luck
But look life in the face
Though you’ll not escape that end
The greatest and least go the same way
The cowards and the brave dance same tune
Why select to live any of the ways
When you know that death is inevitable?
A meter beneath the earth is home everlasting
The rich in a box flowered ceremoniously go
The poor on a mat tattered solemnly go
But a meter deep in earth’s bowel all must go
The cross prevents not the end
Neither the crescent and the star
Nor cars, champagne and fried chicken
Neither do torn slippers nor stomach’s gurgling drums
A mound behind the town marks
The end of a road uphill life
For the rich, the poor, the greatest and the least
The solution is live for the end

Saturday, 3 May 2014


Prevention is better than cure; a stitch in time saves more than nine. How very true! How very realistic! Disharmony breeds hatred, frustration cripples initiative and fear distorts reality. Can man rule his emotions? Can man blame God for his acts of self inflicted pride and selfishness? I hold my breath as I expect man to look inward to the solutions of the problems of man’s inhuman attitudes to man. I sigh and shiver as I realise man’s failure to recognise the strength within to build or destroy, rise or fall, accumulate wealth or distribute it, love or hate, embrace peace or explode violence! It is man who makes or mars his environment, it is man who awards fake or genuine contracts, it is man who has hand over his authority to rule the world to his impulsive nature.


Thursday, 1 May 2014


After thinking of what to do I finally came up with a question, however I'll enjoin you all to manage the little thing am offering. Hopefully things will get better.
So all you need do to win a recharge card worth 1000 naira is tell me what safety means to you.
Three winners will emerge at the end and the giveaway ends on the 15th of May, 2014.