Friday, 16 May 2014


I hate bread but in my house, its one staple but most times I skip it and just drink my milk because I hate tea too, by tea I mean Lipton and not Milo oh! Milo is just a chocolate drink. So when I have to take bread and tea, I like to cut my bread into pieces and put inside my teacup for it to soak well. Well my mum says its bad habit but I’ve not had course to drink tea in public so as is my usual practise, I visited university of Google and I saw various opinion.

Some feel it’s bad table manner but hey, is there a law that says I shouldn’t soak my bread in my tea? The time I will use to chew my bread and drink tea, I’ll just save half of it by soaking my bread *grinning*

Come on, don’t Europeans dunk too? Do we even have to follow everything the colonial masters did hook, line and sinker?

I even read on nairaland that the standard is to bite off the bread, chew it and sip the tea from the teacup. Duuh . The truth is bad habit is relative. Who set the standard on how to drink tea?

Ok, let’s even define dunking. Wikipedia defines dunking as ‘dunking, usually indicates a submersion of biscuit, bread, buttered toast, cake or donought into a beverage, especially tea, coffee or hot or cold milk’. Dunking releases more flavour from confections by dissolving the sugars, while also softening their texture. You dey read am so?

Whether I dip tea in bread, or bread in tea, the koko is that it’s my tummy it ends up.



  1. Not a fan of beverage too...but I'm addicted to average of 2 times daily....I dunk biscuits sometimes esp with. hob son has a healthy habit...cos u dare not dunk his bread for long as u dunk only @ home its fine but don't go dunking outside write more ok..ur blog is beginning to grow on me.

    1. This is the sweetest thing I've read so far! I'd try to write on weekends and save in my draft because work drains me!
      I wish I could drink tea like you, I seem to be the odd one as am the only person I know who hates tea :-(
      I wouldn't dare to dunk in public and thanks for the kind words again.

  2. I only dunk my biscuits in milk but I don't dunk my bread in beverage. My elder sister still does.


  3. Hahahaha lmao... Dunking is cool, as long as you don't take it outside your house! I don't dunk though #doctorbobby

  4. looool, am not really a fan of dunking

  5. We were so much discouraged back then that I practically hated the idea of soaking bread in my tea. But as u rightly say there is no law about it. Anthony Dugbo

  6. Growing up, it was 'bush' to dunk. Here in England, the Oyibos dunk a lot

  7. Hmmm. it's cool though, different strokes for different folks. I personally wouldn't dunk because it makes me wanna throw up if I do but nevertheless I am indifferent when I see someone do DAT. Nice 1 dear