Sunday, 4 May 2014


The essence of life is living
But death is an inevitable end
Which the blue blood and the red blood will not escape
Some say life is well
But some prefer it harsh
Some regret ever living
But who will escape that end?
Do not blame destiny
Do not blame luck
But look life in the face
Though you’ll not escape that end
The greatest and least go the same way
The cowards and the brave dance same tune
Why select to live any of the ways
When you know that death is inevitable?
A meter beneath the earth is home everlasting
The rich in a box flowered ceremoniously go
The poor on a mat tattered solemnly go
But a meter deep in earth’s bowel all must go
The cross prevents not the end
Neither the crescent and the star
Nor cars, champagne and fried chicken
Neither do torn slippers nor stomach’s gurgling drums
A mound behind the town marks
The end of a road uphill life
For the rich, the poor, the greatest and the least
The solution is live for the end


  1. Nice.
    Happy first Sunday. Now go and dress up before i leave you behind.

    1. Lool today is first Sunday? Oh Lawd *covers face *

  2. Nice one Seyon. Don't blame destiny hmm true tha

  3. U're a good writer amaka. Nice 1.


  4. "Do not blame destiny
    Do not blame luck
    But look life in the face" hmmm May God help us!#doctorbobby