Wednesday, 11 June 2014

20 things men will never understand about women

I stumbled on this article as i was jejely browsing and it practically left me in stitches. Its 20 things men will never understand about women.

1. Somehow all the important stuff always goes to the bottom of that bag.
2. You try on everything….every size…. Every style… everytime.
3. How is shopping a social activity?
4. Why does it take you so long to get ready for bed?
5. Why do you need so many throw pillows?
6. You like to talk after sex
7. You wear heels even on nights when you know you’ll be walking a lot
8. Why do you say the opposite of what you mean
9. Why you won’t tell us what is bothering you..
10. Why you ask questions when you know you won’t like the answers
11. Why you say you don’t have anything to wear
12. Why you wear something that is so uncomfortable
13. Periods
14. Why is your skincare so expensive
15. Why you say you just want a nice, funny guy but only date assholes.
16. What I’m supposed to do when you’re in a bad mood
17. Why you hoard so many clothes
18. Your fascination with shoes
19. How you are good at multitasking
20. Why you ask about our exes so much.
Lmao, guys, seen anything familiar? Babes, am so doing the follow up on this.
I was going to answer some but I changed my mind. Oya over to the guys


  1. Questions for the gods


  2. Loool gehs! gehs!

  3. Uhh...My husband says this everytime we go into a store -'Honey, are we here to buy anything or practice touch and feel'....he never gets it!!!

  4. Lol... Yea 2, 8 and 20! I really wish I knew #doctorbobby

    1. 2. I do that because I can't seem to get my mind on what I really want if I want to buy something except I've really wanted that stuff since I.just walk in and buy
      8. Hmmm, we are weird like that
      20. Duuh! Guys ask too. Maybe it's the FBI in us coming alive

  5. Okay Now its about time someone explains this Things to us oh! Haba.. 4 and 8 Tire me, 13 Scares the Hell outta me, I always try to be AWOL on those days.. **Wears a Straight face, and 15 just makes me burn in Anger. it is just tough to understand the Human mind, BUT trying to Understand the female mind is waayyyy Harder. Its like solving Engineering Maths oh! **wears sad face. Nice Article.. heheheh You can draw someones attention sha oh!!! lmao

    1. 4. Hahahaha
      13. I don't involve any body when am on my period except the pain gets unbearable
      15. Hmmmmm, if only I could explain

      Junior, maybe the female mind isn't meant to be fathomed. I'd say to guys, never assume you know what a lady is thinking, ask to be sure.

  6. Amaka, I've noticed something. A lady in Her period behaves almost as a lady in child labour.
    Junior when You talk about engineering maths, e simple compared to solving the puzzle from a lady. But the question is if You don't solve this puzzle's how then do You wanna be the best guy in the world?**straightface** As for the talk after sex, I support that too, after an adventurous n hot sex, Take another warm bath together, come back to the room, have a word or 2 n then lay her to rest(sleep) first before You do.