Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Am back!!!!

Am so sorry this is coming late, am also sorry about the fact that I went AWOL. Please don’t forgive me but the truth is that much waters have passed under the bridge this period I’ve been offline, so much waters I don’t even know their colours again but well, the most important thing is that am back, and stronger than ever I believe.
Thanks for checking up on me.... I feel so loved and am blowing kisses your direction.you rock lovelies!
It was a tough one choosing the winners of the giveaway so I just wrote all the participants names on a piece of paper, rolled them up and asked my younger one to pick any three as there has to be a winner. I really wish I could compensate everyone for making out time to comment on that post but……………….. Well, the lucky winners are: cyndy, bobby and mannie so kindly send me a mail telling me the network you use plus your phone number. My email address is; amakahundeyin@gmail.com


  1. Good to have you bak.

  2. Yaaay *dancing* thanks dear. Mailing you right away #doctorbobby

  3. Lmao #doctorbobby

  4. Yaaaaagaaaaaaa!!!!


  5. Me nko, ojoro united