Saturday, 21 June 2014

Make up fair

Hello lovelies, firstly let me apologize for my late post. I've been on the road since morning. From Oyo to a make up fair. Secondly, my laptop is away for now and I can't find my modem ; I don't even remember where I threw it and I've searched every where.
Ok so I attended a make up fair today and I bought somethings. Sorry I can't share pictures as my phone is acting.
1. Zaron cream 2 powder. CZ40
2. Zaron mattifying powder ZZ40
3. Zaron eye liner pencil in green and blue
4. Dark and lovely scalp soother
5. Maybelline mascara and kajal
6. Forever living hand sanitizer

I also got to meet my fellow blogger of She's such a sweet darling! Very free spirited too.

Well I missed you guys and I'll try to keep blogging regularly laptop or no laptop. Mwah


  1. Apology NOT Accepted...I mean WTH Amaka?! How dare you keep me, myself and I starved for 24 hrs?? I mean seriously?....**picks up a baseball bat buh realizes it's too heavy**.... **drops it and smiles** You are lucky I'm in a good mood today - Nigeria won.....hahaha..... me Kajal is a MUST-HAVE....buh the Zaron eye liner pencil in green and blue....Erhmm...Green?? I need you to apply it and put up a picture...and You are not allowed to look like a clown...Muah!(Blessed Sunday Mami)

    1. Sweetheart am so sorry!! It wasn't intentional
      Am giving the green to my friend That likes green but I'll apply it too and see what I look like; it's the blue That's my thing really.
      Thanks dear, you make me feel loved :-*

    2. Lmaooo! Seconded @Erniesha


  2. Wanna see you post pictures of you wearing them.. Hope to meet you someday but am too shy o. Lol

    1. That's not an excuse oh! I must see you before August

  3. Your haul is essential.....i wish i can lay my hands on the maybelline kajal