Thursday, 19 June 2014

Now that my blackberry craze is over

Once upon a time if you didn’t have a blackberry, you weren’t cool. The coolest kids on the block were those that had a pin to give out.
I used to be very active on the social media; facebook, twitter, 2go ( yes 2go that we now call children’s app, I rocked it up to veteran level).
I remember once my phone fell into the pot of stew I was cooking because I was tweeting and cooking. Trust nokia now, all I needed to do was dismantle, clean and air it.
Then there was paradigm shift. All my friends moved over to blackberry. I seemed to be the only one using a java phone. Even the guy I was dating at the moment was like I should buy a bb to make communication easier since my phone didn’t have whatsapp.
Somehow, I wasn’t interested in the blackberry thingy. When the pressure became too much, I told my dad I wanted a bb as I was fully dependent on him at the moment. He was like God forbid he buys me a bb, he said I was using a nokia and I was always busy with my phone, if I get a bb, what will happen to me?
But you see, everywhere I turned to, immediately after hello, what is your name? the next question was “what is your pin?” and I’d be like I don’t use a bb but within me I was dying to own one because it was like I wasn’t hip enough so I started saving my pocket money to actualize my dream (what a dream) and If I want something, ii must get it oh! So it was with joy in my heart that I received the alert some months later that my dad wired money to my account for me to buy a bb. At last he decided to fund my craving. I proceeded that same day to SLOT to buy my bb. At last I had joined the league of those that owned a bb.
With my new acquisition came new habits albeit bad. Selfies was the order of the day; we took selfies every time, everywhere, anyhow. We took picture of new shoes, new bags, even the food we were eating wasn’t spared of the selfie madness. I used to dedicate extra one hour of my morning to get the perfect pose to upload to my numerous social accounts. I used to ping late into the night when I was supposed to be reading or sleeping (I was still in the university) but then, being eager to learn, I was always on google learning new things too.
2 years into my bb usage, I got tired (you see, I get bored a tad too quickly, I don’t know how I managed to use bb that long, maybe because I was changing models). People were like ‘you didn’t ping me’ or ‘you didn’t reply my ping’ etc and am like chelukwa, don’t I have a life outside of bbm and the likes? The phone was just like a status symbol sort of as I didn’t even utilize half of the features on it asides the fact that peeps will be like hat model are you using? So we always wanted to keep up with the Joneses too.
Well, my people I have a testimony *in p square’s voice* my bb madness is over. I gladly handed my blackberry to my brother and I moved over to an android phone. Infact I hardly have time for social media frivolities now.
I’ve realized that if you don’t control your gadget, it will control you.

Today, Mr Ijaduolu will be committed to mother earth. Yesterday as this song was being sung at his service of songs, tears flowed freely from my eyes. Am still in shock but like Job said, man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble. We should just echo the words of the psalter which says so teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.
A o pade leti odo
Odo didan, odo didan na
Pelu awon mimo leba odo
To san leba ite ni



  1. *if you don't control your gadgets, it will control you*
    I doubt if I was ever facebook or bbm crazy. Maybe I'm a lil bit quilty when it comes to twitter.
    RIP to Mr ijaduolu (whoever he is tho)


    1. He's my best friend's foster dad

      It's a good things you were never addicted to bbm

  2. Sometimes i still feel cheated cause i never used the BB till it's hype was over......and even with the Nokia i was using my whole life was attached to the gadget.
    It's true that our lives are full of trouble and i pray that God will teach me to number my days, do the very important things and make good use of Time that cannot be replaced.
    Amaka this is a very nice post.
    God bless you
    The Beautiful Eagle

    1. There's nothing in bb jare!
      Amen to the prayers and thanks for the kind words. Xoxo

  3. RIP,it is a phase everyone is going to pass. May God comfort the wife and children. Hope you had a stress free day amaka? Shy annoymous.

    1. Amen.
      Anon that is shy, Err, show your face jare! I don't like suspense oh *bats eyelashes *
      My day? Very tiring.
      Thanks love

  4. Uhh...I have to fess up to something...I loveeeeee gadgets...I got a bb that I hardly bother to use...buh I always make sure I got the latest gadget.....I think I need therapy.....

  5. Wow! Amaka, well done. Now I know why I hardly see your coments these days on Laila's blog. Well done once again.

    1. Thanks hun. I visit everyday but the thing is its only after work I have time and most people would have said what's on my mind so I don't bother again.
      Hope you've added my blog to your bookmarks? *winks *

  6. Hmnnnnn. You got me right there Amaka. There are some people I know that will fall sick if their bb develops a fault and I'm always wondering why. I love my fone but I hardly even ping sef. I use more of my browser than my bbm. My data service finishes fast cos I'm always downloading and checking out big big site. God help us.
    Amaka how are we doing saturday o

    1. Me and you are on the same boat! Pinging is the last thing I do, I'd rather visit online stores and the likes.
      Well, it's just like someone exhibiting withdrawal symptoms if not given hard drugs.
      I'll send you a mail now

  7. Actually I still love the bb thing cos I type faster and better than my android device which gives me lots of error if I am not so careful. I think that's basically the reason tho.

    1. Typing on android is hard kinda for me too
      How are you boo?

  8. *Sigh* My gadgets play a vital role in my life. But I can't imagine letting them control me. I choose when to chat (the least thing I do with my phone). And I rarely open any social media site on my PC. My PC is for work and I can't be distracted when working... I control my gadgets, unlike some people I know. Lol *eyes rolling* #doctorbobby

    1. Lool just mention my name and stop rolling your eyes young Man

  9. I rock both android & bb cos I do most of my typing on bb and use swype for android.
    The thing I'm on now is devising means of making money from those things I wasted my time on back then, especially twitter.
    I have a post on my blog on how to make money from Instagram after I saw a guy made around a thousand dolls.

    Admin, I'm realling finding it difficult to comment pls. Whattapen?!