Friday, 6 June 2014


A phobia is a constant, unreasonable, irrational fear of a situation, specific object or activity that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.

Some phobias are really funny! Enjoy
- Acrophobia: fear of height
- Aerophobia: fear of flying
- Agoraphobia: fear of leaving home
- Anthrophobia: fear of people
- Aquaphobia: fear of water
- Claustrophobia: fear of closed spaces
- Gephygrophobia: fear of bridges
- Microphobia: fear of germs
- Nunerophobia: fear of numbers
- Nyctophobia: fear of darkness
- Ocholophobia: fear of crowds
- Ophidiophobia: fear of snakes
- Phonophobia: fear of speaking aloud
- Thanatophobia: fear of death
- Xenophobia: fear of strangers
- Zoophobia: fear of animals
- Algophobia: fear of pain
- Ailurophobia: fear of cats
- Atychiphobia: fear of failure
- Chaetophobia: fear of hair
- Decidophobia: fear of making decisions
- Erotophobia: fear of sexual abuse
- Gamatophobia: fear of commitment
- Hexakosiohexekontahexaphobia: fear of the number 666
- Papahobia: fear of the pope
- Sesquipedalophobia; fear of long words
- Stygiophobia: fear of hell
- Triskaidekaphobia: fear of the number 13
Which is yours?

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  1. Thanatophobia, because i can't imagine myself inactive ………… and fear of fear!, you didn't list that though.... patty

    1. Ikr? Most times too when am inactive people be like are you sick?
      Mine is fear of poverty

  2. Lol, I'm ophidiophobic - I hate creepy crawlies

  3. I don see 6 wey resemble me. Thanks for this now I know them names. Can't pronounce some tho

  4. I'm stygiophobic -fear of hell


  5. Woow... Before now I knew less than 10 phobia's! Thank you Amaka. Mine is Atychiphobia: fear of failure. And Nollyphobia: fear of Nollywood movies... #doctorbobby