Saturday, 14 June 2014

Things my mum told me

I used to be a very stubborn child! So stubborn I was trashed like crazy and I'd be like this woman cannot be my mum, am sure I was adopted.I was really hoping one day my real mum would come for me *Sigh*
Well, inspite of my head strong attitude, my mum used to ring somethings into my ears and trust me, I still remember. Some I've not really bothered if they are true or not but I believed anyway.
1. Women don't eat gizzard in igbo land: those days I used to wish I were a guy! In my mind I'd be like Sheybi na egun land we dey? Truly the first time I ate gizzard I was 18 and I bought it with my money. Well, now mum gives me sha.

2. Don't cover the pot while cooking draw soup else the soup won't draw. Well I've not done otherwise too.

3. Don't dish egusi soup except it is on the fire, else it will go sour.

4. If you wash bitter leaf and pour the water away, if you cross it, your veejay will be sore. The fear of crossing bitter leaf water was the beginning of wisdom for Seyon.

I believed her because she always say to me "I'm your mother, can I deceive you?"

Oya what were the things your mum or dad told you as a kid?


  1. Uhhh that woman told me never to put my purse on the floor.... Cuz if I do I would get broke....... I have watched my purse sit comfortably on a cushion chair with no dime now don't care where the damn purse is anymore.... Lol

  2. Mum told me never to eat snails that my tongue would grow out of my mouth. Well I did obey her until I was in primary 4. Mehn it was d sweetest meat I've tasted ever since.


  3. Lol @ number one. Once my mother said 'you will get pregnant if a boy touches you', and I believed her

    1. Lool thankfully my mum gave me every woman to read when I was nine. She gave me thorough sex education oh.

  4. Uhmmm the only one I remembered dad telling me was "As a man, you should never eat from the pot, if not you'd grow to be a poor man" *sigh* #doctorbobby

  5. Hahhaa my own case, my mama still says that 'don't eat fowl yansh' Lol. So funny lmao or else you are gonna be doing 'olofofo' (talking too much and gossips)

    All these funny myths...

    1. Lmaooooo and if you eat the leg you would be walking around yeah?

  6. Apart from don't cook okro and cover the pot, i also heard from my grandma and mum the following:

    Don't whistle, it attracts snakes
    Don't sweep in the night, you are sweeping your riches away
    Don't leave your shoes/slippers lying with the sole up so that your life won't be upside down
    Don't swallow orange seeds or gum, it would grow on your head

    And funny enough apart from the orange seeds/gum would grow on my head, i still believe the others. Why? i no know o

  7. Heheheheeheheh mum said don't you ever put your leg across the seat while sitting down,

    You need to see me now, kai I just pity her whenever she come across me sitting down:: my legs are always perfect example of North and south