Wednesday, 25 June 2014

What will I do with my life?

As a kid, I didn't worry about the future, but as I got closer to graduating from college, I realized I was going into the real world with real jobs and real bills; am there now and it's not been easy really as am there now and just like TY Bello said, the future is not a time zone yet to be discovered but the future is everything we can become but have not yet become, the future is everything we can do but have not yet done and the future is now!
In planning your future, you have a wide variety of options you sort through with goals. A goal is like a target destination. You don't reach it by wandering about aimlessly. It's better to plot your course.
Wise choices will be easier to make if you first know where you are headed and you can do this by customizing your goals. You can divide them into short term goals, middle term goals and long term goals.
Short term goals are things we want to do soon. It can help you make big changes. This short term goals is something you want to do in the near future and the near future can mean today, this week,.this month or even this year. Short term goals can make you manage your time. They might seem small but completely them can lead to big accomplishments in life.
Middle term goals are Achievements that you would like to achieve in a short period of time mostly less than five years.
Long term goals are things you want to achieve in future. It requires time and planning. Long term goals are usually at least several years away.

Check back in six months and see how you've done in reaching your goals. You could adjust or add to them as needed.
Now am no longer afraid of the storms of uncertainty as I have learnt to sail my ship.


  1. An enlightening article as usual Amaka, I never expect anything short of a fun read from you shaaa, as you can write for Africa :D.

    Setting goals is a very great step to success, but the part that weights me down is when I begin to un-consciously compare my progress with that of another. I really think i need to work on that aspect of my life :(. Nice article Bubba, i am glad to be here. Sorry jo, this my Mosquito lifestyle is giving me little time to stalk you very well :(. Cheers.

    1. Am really flattered.
      You don't have to compare your life with someone else's because we are all running a different race!
      You're forgiven dear :-*

  2. I am sooooo with you on that ship.... If I had a dollar for how many times I had to ask myself this question...I would be a billionaire...Great post mami...

  3. I don't bother myself about the future. God is already there. #Fate


  4. Yes, this really worked for me. I have a long term goal(for d next 2 years) and truth is, keep it somewhere you can still see it so as to get you inspired towards achieving whatever you listed(either your bible or diary).