Thursday, 12 June 2014

Where are they?

This is actually a short and quick one. I have some amazing people who used to be regulars here but I've not noticed their presence on the blogsphere either here or elsewhere.
1. Mr anonymous: I really hope he is fine, he is one dude I really admire but all of a sudden we stopped seeing him. Please wherever you are, I do care and I've been worried oh.

2. Uje: Hmmmmmm, very intelligent babe. She nominated me for my first blog award. Nice blog she runs at ; seems she's rounding off final year but am kinda worried though. Just pop in and say hello Uje

3. Mayowa: said he was going to be quite busy and then Poof! He just disappeared. May may do and come back Oh!


  1. Nne m, I wish I knew o - Mr Anonymous' sudden disappearance is still a mystery, and I really hope he's ok - I really admire his guts. Also, I hope Uje and May May are ok - I miss them

    1. I can only hope they are. Uje followed me on instagram the Maybe I'll send her a message there

  2. I guess I'll be joining the band then. Hope there's still space for me?

  3. Hmm nice to know you care about those that visit your blog

  4. Uhh...Nice Amaka...really nice of you...

  5. Call 112 to report for missing persons.


  6. If 112 no connect, try 504 or 911 to speak with Our agents in France n Oshodi