Friday, 4 July 2014

Epiphany moments

EPIPHANY: a moment of sudden and great realization or revelation / a major realization in life when you are really stoned and realize something.

Hello my cupcakes, am so happy because today is Friday and I get to rest after the stress of the week, am the more excited because something is coming up tomorrow that err………………………………………………………………………………………………………una too like gist self.

So I was lying down on my bed when the word “epiphany” came to my head, I ignored it but it kept coming and I got an inspiration from there (you see, the frequency at which I get ideas ehn, I don’t know on what mega Hertz the frequency operates) so I was like Seyon, how about start something like “epiphany moments?” and I liked the idea. After this one if you don’t like it, just let me know and I’ll mute the idea, you know how much I like to please you *bats eyelashes*

So here we go.
You grew up in a loving home and you got the best of education and all of that then on the eve of your wedding, your parents hold your hands and tell you in their sweetest voice that you were adopted,  your real parents will be the one to walk you down the aisle, what will you do bearing that you were adopted because your biological parents couldn’t give you the best of anything when you were born not like you were abandoned(of course you are just finding this out too)?

Now sweethearts, this epiphany moment questions is not limited to me alone, you can also come up with something and send to my email . I won’t hesitate to put it up , am also thinking this would be a Friday affair.


  1. 1st to comment! After six months of ghost mode *whew* lol
    I second the EPIPHANY MOMENTS motion ;).
    If I were the subject of this scenario, ll insist my adopted parents walk me down the aisle. After the whole marriage thing I ll call a family meeting *chuckles* make my real parents suffer a bit of emotional stress. I ll make a mountain of the issue and when I'm satisfied I have put them through emotional stress, I ll 4give them. I'm simple and understanding like that :d.

    1. Ah Fikemi am not going to forgive you for going just like that oh. I almost had a mini heart attack because my compass couldn't locate you. Am happy you're back.
      You call this option understanding? Hahaha am not sure I'll forgive them so soon self.

    2. *dancing* someone missed me. So much love for me. I'm very sorry. I ll try not to do that again. Lol.
      It's a very hard blow to take in easily. I don't wish this happens to my enemy.

    3. I missed you so much! Seriously I don't oh, I really don't

  2. Hmm...Actually, I will walk down the aisle myself...I don't want none that drama on that day - I don't even want to think for a second bout that either biological or adopted...y'all sit your damn ass at are uninvited to my wedding...#simplysaid.....hws you mami...

  3. My adopted parents will have to walk me down the aisle and we can talk later. But I think its dumb to bring up that on the wedding eve, it would be confusing. Its better the keep shut and speak after the ceremony

  4. Can't wait, for Epiphany moment to come

  5. EPIPHANY MOMENTS *waiting* #doctorbobby