Thursday, 10 July 2014


Hello lovelies, today is Thursday and also its five days to my birthday, am so excited. Well, this post was not even on my mind as I already typed the posts I was going to put up for one week but something happened in my office this week and it prompted this.

Etiquette is a code of behaviour that delineates expectations for social behaviour according to conventional norms within a society, social class or group.
Etiquette is important as proper etiquette makes you attractive to someone in any given situation. When you have good manners, you’ll have a pleasant time wherever you go. It is important to know good manners but more important to practise them.
Always remember to smile graciously no matter the situation. You see I smile so much some people wonder if I don’t frown but *whispers* I actually think I frown as much as I smile.
Try to maintain a positive attitude, but be aware that there are times you must express anger or frustration. Just know the difference and avoid unnecessary drama. You don’t want the reputation of not being able to get along with your peers.
Always find ways to be a team player even if you don’t care for someone else’s personality, find common grounds to maintain a pleasant work environment.
Maintain your strength while exhibiting patience with others. If you don’t know how to do something, take the time to learn.
Also learn how to make small talk because doing so will help you in social and professional situations.
Following certain rules of etiquette is essential in both the social and professional  situations , so I thought it okay to bring them to our notice and I think it’s a good idea we all commit them to heart because good etiquette can mean the difference between keeping or loosing friends and getting ahead in business.

Back to what happened in my office, sometimes in May, a new staff was employed and when we got talking, I discovered we attended the same uni but she graduated a year before I did so we exchanged numbers but I wasn’t particularly close to her. I noticed she was always coming late to work and I talked to her about it but she gave me some flimsy excuses and I let her be because am someone that if I advise you once and you don’t take it, I’ll just push you to one corner. Along the line I also got to discover she was very rude, she talks to members of staff anyhow, rudely that sometimes I get ashamed on her behalf so apparently this week the management was tired of her and she was sacked yesterday morning. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad but I feel sad because in her next job, she might exhibit the same character. Well, I got a list of etiquette online.
What not to do:
1. Being impolite to anyone: being nice to others in all scenarios is the most important rule of etiquette you can follow. Being rude to people is known something you might not be able to undo.
Politeness extends to everyone you come in contact with, from the door man of your office to your boss and co workers.
Showing gratitude and respect to servers at the restaurant, etc can make the difference in the service person’s day. Not being nice to these people show a lack of character on your part.
2. Being late: if you are one of those people who are chronically late, you are showing disrespect for other people’s time. When you agree to show up at a certain time, be there. If you are occasionally late, you will probably be forgiven if it is not something you do often. Always call and let someone know your circumstances and your estimated time of arrival.
3. Failing to introduce others: when you are with two people who don’t know each other, you should always introduce them. If you can’t remember either of their names, politely say something like “I’m sorry, I know we’ve met, but I can’t recall your name”. Then use the person’s name during the introduction and afterward in conversation.
4. Chatting or texting on your cell phone while physically present with others: always give the person you are physically with your attention. If your cell phone rings or you receive a text that needs immediate response, politely excuse yourself and keep all electronic contacts brief. Then when you return to the person, apologize and refrain from making a habit of chatting on the phone or texting.
Never text while dining with others, that is plain rude.
5. Failing to RSVP: when you are invited to events, let the host know whether or not you’ll be there ASAP. Failing to RSVP can hamper the person who must plan the guest list, food and space.
Never change plans if something more interesting comes along. You may never get invited by that host again if he finds out.
6. Being too self absorbed: when chatting with friends, family or co workers give them equal time during the conversation. If you have a pattern of making the discussion all about you, you may discover people walking a wide berth around you or running away when they see you coming. You don’t want people to see you as narcissistic or self absorbed.
Back and forth conversation is more enjoyable for both parties and will gain favour among people you care about.
7. Having bad table manners: when dining with others, take your time to observe proper table manners. If you are unclear about which utensil to use, learn before you go.
Take time to chew your food properly and don’t talk with your mouth full.
After you finish eating, wait for the others. It is rude to leave the table while others are eating.
8. Forgetting to be thankful: when someone gives you a gift or does something special for you, always show your gratitude. Immediately say “thank you”
Materials were sourced from google.


  1. Nice one. hehehe. Let me make my confessions here now, on the playing with your phone etiquette that was how I went for an interview. Fine! Wasn't the usual big and rich firm but all the same I have ought to behave well. Sometimes I have this 'I don't care' attitude that can make me walk out from a serious meeting if I am tired. So at the interview I was given a test, was a practical one because I had to work on some of their office documents and interpret in power point.

    I tried but didn't really know it so I picked up my phone to lessen my tension and behold that was the reason o lost that job. One o the ladies said it was disrespectful and the manager had seen me with my fone from afar.

    So all the same lesson learnt. We need to get that damn phone far away...

    1. The thing this phone caused at my work place too ehn, I used to be so attached to my phone before I started working but now I've learnt to press phone less.
      Good morning love.

    2. Sorry I actually forgot to say happy birthday in advance. We are gonna do some kurukere tins on that day o. He he he

      Don't mind my little typos in d last post o.

    3. Thanks sugar. My dancing shoes are polished

  2. Good piece



  3. All these little things make a huge difference, believe it or not - it separates the ladies from the girls. Btw, happy birthday in advance love - have you got anything planned for your special day?

    1. Well said! Yes, am going to do something little in the office

  4. **doing the sitay dance**...countdown to 5 days...someone told me this long time ago...'Ernie, you lack phone etiquette...'.....and I was like 'Well you also lack the ticket to my heart' and click!....hehe....I used to be so rude....buh now...hey mehn Life is short and simple....why complicate things by getting on people's blackbook just cuz you can't behave right...

    1. You should teach me this sitay dance baby. Good you made amends *smiles*

  5. i've always been conscious of saying thank you to everyone...
    RSVP??? i've never done that i know it's relevant:)
    Well done for compiling this

  6. Hmnnnn... I don't think I have so much bad manners afterall. One rule I live by is do unto others what you want to be done to you. I'm not attached to my phone at all and that's one of my biggest problem. People complain a lot about me not always being with my phone. Then I can be respectful to a fault as long as you don't take advantage of it. Maybe running late, I do that on purpose cos loads of people follow african time so I'm late on purpose and I'm early wen I want to. Thanks for this post.
    Happy birthday in advance boo. Where are we chilling on that day na?

  7. "Chatting or texting on your cell phone while physically present with others: always give the person you are physically with your attention." This etiquette depends solely on the topic of discussion and the person/people you're conversing with. In the event that 'regular friends' come to my house and we're having the normal guys chat. I should not touch my phone or do anything else? Uhmmm *scratches head* I've got issues with this etiquette mehn... #doctorbobby

  8. Hello Amaka, this couldn't have been compiled any better. Etiquettes are a really great part of human relationships. I must say I have learned something great from you here and now as ussual. Nice one Baby mi, Cheers. A really enlightening read. Thanks.