Sunday, 13 July 2014


Friendship is a state of being emotionally attached to another person resulting from feelings of affection. It is also a warm and intimate relationship with someone you like and trust. Friends provide a basic source of happiness, pleasure and companionship. Friendship is very crucial to all because it provides opportunity through which we acquire experiences which aids the process of developing a self identity , it helps us to develop inter personal communication skills and helps us with conflict management skills. Friendship are among the most important relationships we form in life.
Through friendship, individuals come to know, trust and depend on each other for affection, acceptance and support. Our first and most important relationship outside of the family are those we establish with friends.

True friendship involves:
1. Mutual respect: which involves relating with others in ways that honour their personal values, decision and choices even if they will not accept ours.
2. Acceptance of people as they are and not always trying to change or make them live up to our expectations.
3. Honest communication which is the sharing of truth and being able to talk about sensitive issues or negative characters without malice.
4. Support which involves being able to support each other consistently, being able to depend upon someone.
Others include common interest, warmth, age, gender, ability to keep confidence, similarities of values and attitudes, background, loyalty, etc.

There are different types of friends. While some are close friends, others are not so close, yet others are mere acquaintances i.e. people you know but do not consider them as friends.

The social and cultural environment often influence friendship.  The view used to be prevalent that friendship between male and female should be discouraged between puberty and marriage. This erroneous view is rooted in the belief that males and females cannot relate to each other in a caring way without having shared sexual activities.

Forgiveness, trust, loyalty, ability to keep confidence, co operation, honesty, shared industry, support during good and bad times, respect, reliability, empathy, understanding, affection, sympathy.

Friendship is important because:
1. We learn social skills through friendship
2. It provides us an opportunity to share experiences and insights
3. Skills gained in articulating feelings and thoughts will be helpful throughout life
4. It promotes self esteem
5. It provides companionship
6. It involves fun, sharing and caring
7. It promotes mutual respect
8. Appropriate inter personal communication skills are developed
1. Having group activities
2. Sharing information
3. Exchanging gifts
4. Sharing goals and aspirations
5. Visiting each other’s families
6. Giving support in times of trouble
7. Making positive comments about each other
1. Gossiping
2. Disclosing confidential information
3. Dishonesty
4. Selfishness
5. Suspicion
6. Disrespect
7. Misunderstanding
8. Betrayal of trust


  1. This erroneous view is rooted in the belief that males and females cannot relate to each other in a caring way without having shared sexual activities. ----- I love this.....this is one popularly believed notion and it is so wrong on alot of levels. I personally believe in loyalty and respecting people I call my friends...I mean how can you call someone a friend if you have no respect for the always mami....Ernie just leaned something.... muah mami..

    1. Thanks for reading. They say no two people are alike but babes, you and I reason so much alike.

  2. I've always felt that true friendship is very
    important. The old saying "a friend in need is a friend indeed" goes a long way. True friends will always be there for you and you can always count on them, so my favourite thing to write about is always friendship.

    Friends are far, friends are near,
    Friends will be there to lend an ear,
    They listen, laugh, and care,
    But most of all, they're always there,
    Through thick and thin, up and down,
    Your true friends are always around,
    For treats, hugs and real big smiles,
    They'll travel to you from several miles,
    They'll always be there to hold you tight,
    Anytime, no matter if it's day or night,
    You really know when your friends are sincere,
    When they always show up to lend their ear.


  3. Amaka forgive Me, I was supposed to send this to Your phone but I can't cause I lost Your number.
    I wanna wish You a happy bday for a fulfilled friendship I have found in U. You remain one of those friends Online I can't do without even though I don't visit Your blog often, I have U in the innermost past of My heart. Happy bday My dear n I wish You all the best. Love You dear.


  4. Amaka is my friend...yaaaaay...

    Near death experience I had