Saturday, 26 July 2014


Some pairs of words are easily confused because they are pronounced similarly or spelled similarly. Today well be looking at a few of such.
1. Belief and believe.
Believe is a verb,  belief is a noun.
Wrong: he acted in the believe that he was right.
Correct: he acted in the belief that he was right.
2. Been and being.
Been is the past participle of be and can only be used after have,  has,  had.  Being is a present participle and a verb noun and is used after am,  is,  are,  was,  we're or at the beginning of a sentence or a clause or after a preposition.
Wrong: the matter has being reported to me.
Right: the matter has been reported to me.
Wrong: the rumor is been investigated.
Correct: the rumor is being investigated.
3. Border and boarder.
A border is the dividing line between one area and another.  A boarder is a person who lodges in a place.
Wrong: he was approaching the boarder between Nigeria and Benin.
Correct: he was approaching the border between Nigeria and Benin.
4. Cease and seize.
Cease means stop.  Seize means grab.
Wrong: he was ordered to seize laughing.
Correct: he was ordered to cease laughing.
5. Junction and juncture.
Both these words fundamentally mean joining but Junction normally means a place where two or more lines means such as electric wires. Juncture means coming together of events.
Wrong: at this Junction,  I have to say goodbye.
Correct: at this juncture,  I have to say goodbye.
6. Lose and loose ; lost and loosed.
Lose means not find and it's part are lose, lost and lost. Loose means untie,  release and it's parts are loose,  loosed,  loosed.
7. Sight,  site and cite.
Sight is both a verb and a noun and it has to do with seeing, site means place or situate.  Cite means quote.
8. Their and there.
There is an adverb,  their a possessive. There can never be used before a noun.
Wrong: they collected there money.
Correct: they collected their money.
9. This and these
This is singular, these is plural.
10. Sit and seat
Sit is always  verb and never a noun.  Seat is sometimes a noun,  sometimes a verb.  As a verb,  it usually appears in the passive form eg please be seated.
Wrong: She took her sit at the table.
Correct: she took her seat at the table.


  1. Oh lawdamercy!!!....#8....I could never be a teacher....I try so very hard **making a fist** to correct my asian friends...I mean how hard can it be????....Ugh!!!....buh lemme fess up to something...I had problems with #2 at a time...When I got into college....I had a hard time differentiating you know what I did....if I gotta write it down...I have to say it first like be - ing...and then I stress the 'ng' part....hehe...that was how I was able to get over that mehn...Tibs-a-dumb-dumb!.....**singing** let loose and Lose yourself!...hehe....hello mami...God bless you for what you did yesterday...thank you

    1. You deserve more than that dear and don't you call Tibs dumb again *bats eyelashes *

  2. #noted

    We're all learning


  3. Thank you English teacher *batting my eyelashes* I would buy you a juicy red

  4. When I hear people say at this junction, I feel like gagging them. And you need to see the smugness they radiate when they say it. Gosh! It's annoying to say the least! *sigh*
    Keep up the good work Amy.

  5. You ll make a good teacher Amaka. Nice

  6. Seyon,teaching is a divine gift.go for it,u r good.

    1. Thanks for the compliment ma'am. As for the other part, if God says so, why not?