Thursday, 24 July 2014

I hate it when....

This morning when I woke up,  I was freaking tired,  I mean fagged out. Yesterday was the graduation/valedictory ceremony in the school I work and I was so busy I had to steal  time to update that one post. Am sorry for not bringing lyrics of the day.
Please am I the only one freezing?  This cold is damn killing and I don't know how I'll cope in NYSC camp in August *sad*.. Anyway,  enough of me.
Since my brain wasn't booting this morning,  immediately I opened blogger,  I got an idea of the topic you see up there.
1. I hate it when people barge into my room without knocking.

Most times when am in my room,  am usually in my birthday suit,  I mean it's my room innit? Now most people in my house have this bad habit of just opening my door without knocking and really you don't want to imagine the drama that usually follows.
Thankfully,  my younger ones are changing.

2. I hate it when someone hears a rumor and instead of going to Google asks me.
Gawd,  how I so hate this.  Yesterday my temper was on short fuse when I got home then I got this call from a friend who wanted to know if it was true nysc camp was in September,  ah,  the bile in me rose to my throat and I was like nysc has a website,  direct your enquiries there.  What he was asking me for,  I got the news last week by visiting the said website.
I don't get why someone with a phone that has Internet connection will be waiting for a third party news.

3. I hate it when I see stuffs like "My mum taught me to give my used toy to the less privilege",  "my ex is this and that".
Now this is so fucking childish so if you have been doing it,  stopeet.
I mean if he's my ex,  am his ex too.  Why use such language on your ex?  If the relationship was that bad,  deal with it,  it's your funeral not mine.  By using such terms or wallpapers you are just pointing to how insecure you are.  Simple.
You broke up with him,  move your fucking ass on and stop the vindictive statements because most times the said ex doesn't even know you exist again.

4. I hate it when people do  first to call.

Well,  I don't know what to say here really but why ask for my number if you won't call? I just don't get it really.  Then I call and subsequently you be like after all I was the first to call you the last time. What the freaking fuck? Lord knows I'll give you a taste of my madness before cutting you off.

5. I hate it when someone calls me and be like "who am I speaking with?"
For deuces sake you dialed my number,  I should be the one asking you.  I don't even have time to say no time.  I'll end that call straight up.

6. I hate people who act like prudes all the time.
I mean I like to talk about sex and I say it the way it is. Because of this,  I've been labeled with names that are not on my birth certificate but do I care? Except you're paying my bills,  I don't care. I don't aim to be who you want so you'd like me.

7. I hate guys who think because a girl invites them to her crib,  she wants the D.
I've met tons of these boy men *when God was allocating shares of idiots,  I got more than enough* and they be like a girl can only invite a guy over if she want sex.  My reaction ? If I start typing,  I'll type more than  a PhD thesis.

8. I hate married men who hit on single ladies.
Why promise a woman you'll stay with her through thick and thin and break that promise?? When I was in my first year I met a dude and he was all caring,  not like I wanted to date him but I had time to fool around and the day I went to his place,  I saw his wedding picture on the wall.  I was mad but calm and I told him to go and drop me back,  he started the whole I can explain shit but I started my drama..
If the men can't use their brains to think,  girls please some men are off  the limits.  And to all those men cheating but acting the good husband,  the hottest part of hell awaits you.

Enough of me,  go on and tell me the things you hate.


  1. sorry know cuz of them lyrics I get to go on youtube buh yest......**sigh*** glad you back I guess I could take a chill pill with the stalking right?....

    1. Seriously I thought I did the lyrics post my dear.
      Did you day chill pill??? Don't please

    2. I'm back....I HATE when Amaka's brain isn't booting well, I HATE the fact that I don't have my private jet yet....I HATE when I stalk someone and I find out nobody is stalking me (In my head I need stalkers)....**looks around and see Temmie**...I HATE when I go file for missing persons and they suddenly appear......**looks at my boobs** I HATE ........ nevermind..... hehe..... mami...I HATE #8 the most buh not in that context....I HATE it when single girls allow married men into their seriously....He belongs to someone else and he will NEVER be yours and if ever he becomes yours - he will always belong to that woman before you.....mami I tell you see, we have so many single guys in my country...I tell you mehn...these guys have got good jobs and are making an honest living buh can you believe that a 30-year old kenyan man has to compete with a 50+ kenyan man to keep his girlfriend??.....and our men always have more than 1 wife....I mean how sick is that??......Kenyan girls would rather be a second wife to a man old enough to be their dads than a young man...... Sometimes I hate my people..........oh yeah and I love you mamacita....

    3. Ernie am your number one stalker *rolls eyes*
      I can't understand why single girls prefer married men, like wtf?
      Your private jet is coming soon babes, just chill for hubby.
      I love you too!!

    4. Hehehe @Ernie didn't knw she actually mentioned me.

      True about the ladies leaving the 30yrs old for the papa's all on money matter.

  2. I hate people who aren't straight forward nor honest. I am very transparent asin I don't hide stuffs so when I meet a friend who is acting up I give distance.

    I hate wen someone just bangs into my room cos u just can't tell how I am dressed.

    And yea..married men, I don't do them.

    1. One of the reasons I don't like making new friends.

  3. I hate people dat pretend just can't stand dem. If I like u I show it and if I don't I am sorry I can't hide my feelins .

  4. Nne, biko chop knuckle - wish they had a 'love' button for this post. I hate it when people barge into my room without knocking - what if i'm wearing only 'shirt or pant' or stark naked? I hate 'surprises'. Also, I hate married men who hit on single women. These days, marriage vows mean nothing to some people

    1. Ah, I hate surprises too. Are you sure you're not my ejima?

    2. lolm maybe I am - who knows?

  5. I hate it when the network is acting funny and I can't browse. I hate slow/sluggish network.


    1. Hahahahah @mannie, mehn the feeling is mutual.