Tuesday, 15 July 2014


If I say I love you
Would you reciprocate?
If I say I need you
Would you always be there for me?
If I say my heart throbs
Would you believe me?
If I say forever
Would you encourage me?

This was the first poem I ever wrote I think; I was in high school,  I was 13 and I had a crush on Obiora (remember him from the "my first crush post?)  so pardon me for any act of omission or commission.

Woo-hoo, yesterday I was a year older and man,  I got so much love to last me a life time from my blogger friends.
Ernie and her husband bought me this huge birthday card and chocolate candle and man,  I was wowed; go here www.everydaytibs.blogspot.com to see it.
Moby,  Obiamaka, Omowunmi, Bobby,  Chuka,  Temmy,  Fikemi, Ugo,  Godwin,  Shy anonymous, Tosin, Duru my surest paddy,  I see you!!!  I love love you to the moon and back.

In other news,  am very angry. For the past three days now I've had the worse Internet service and  am so vexed. I mean even with my money I still get to suffer?
Am just tired of Nigerian networks because I've used all of them and they are the same and am tired of changing networks.

My second complain is my phone. I don't know if am the one doing something wrong but I don't like my picture quality. Please can someone help because I've gone to camera settings yet it's the same.  I use a Sony Xperia SP and am already frustrated oh.  Maybe I should just switch to iPhone *looks at tibs*


  1. Don't worry a new phone is coming but if you worry too much it might seem like forever before it comes...

  2. Aww mami....**takes the vibe and stores it in my heart**....signed and sealed mami.....I hate phone dramas mehn....makes me lose it all the time...

  3. Iphone is too fragile joor. Cracks too easily. Try samsung


  4. Eeyarrrh,
    Well, If I say I'd buy you a new phone
    Would you believe me?