Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Love is a word that is so often used
But we fail to know what it means
Love is sharing a thing you hold dear
Love is being there for a friend in distress
Love is kindness to people
Love is politeness
Love is compassion
Love embraces all things that are pure
Love gives us strength to endure
Love is honesty in everything we do
Dreams made with love
Will always come true
Love is a gift entrusted to us
Love takes us through life rough patches
With love in our hearts
We brighten a world filled with despair
Love gives freely
Love expects no reward
Each of us must play a part
To heal a broken heart
To say I am sorry
To say you are forgiven
These words will always radiate love
Love is golden
Love is life
Love is a gift
Love is divine
Love is the future of the world
Love is ultimate
Love is yours

I love you all!!


  1. Love is a word I hold in high regards....e.g I love this woman and I love this blog***going back to class*** see how much I love it here!!... I'm blaming you for any timeout this bald lecturer gives me mami

    1. Awwww love see me getting teary eyed here. Ernie, the joy you bring to me, I can't explain.

  2. Love is patient,love endures, love is happiness, love supersede all, love forgives, love is sweet, love sometime brings tears and pain. Love is always ready to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes.
    LOVE they say is given freely but the hardest to get. Love us what I feel for him.
    shy anonymous**

    1. Awwwwww this is sweet. May that love never wax cold

  3. God's love... Yea!!! Any other love? No1 has time for that.


    1. If we can't show love to fellow men on earth that we see, we can claim to love God that we can't see.

    2. *rme*



  4. Love is the spice of life, the greatest attribute every man needs to make the world a beautiful place.
    If there was love there would be no ritualism, boko haram,rape and lots more....no wonder God commanded that we love.

    I love this piece, well done honey