Friday, 25 July 2014

Lyrics of the day

He puts on a brave face
Every morning and every night
He goes on stage
With a big smile on his face
You split your sides with laughter
You are sitting on the edge of your seat
Cause you want some more
Show is over,  he goes home, take off his mask
Tears running down his face,  it's unbelievable
We all have our masks on,  the world is a stage
Go on tell me what is your story
Go on don't be shy,  what is your story

Behind the mask of a clown,  lies a trail of tears

Celebrities among us all the time
Big smiles for the camera around
They have lives that we only dream of
But on the inside they hurt just like us
They have things we only see on the movies
The tears we cry on the outside
They cry on the inside
Just like the clown,  they go home take off their mask
The world is a stage,  go on what is your story

Behind the mask of the clown lies  trail of tears


  1. One of my favourite artiste ever. #ILike


    1. I love love Lucky Dube, too bad he was murdered.

    2. Yeaa! Too bad he was. I love love love lucky dube.


  2. Lucky Dube!!!..Mehn I love this guy....buh you it weird that his songs kinda have a way of making one feel very emotional like this one...(I am listening to it now)....It has a sad vibe mami...

    1. Yeah he sounded like he was emphatizing with celebrities. Many of us look at celebrities as infallible when in fact they are not.