Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sex education

I bloomed very early,  at nine,  I already had real boobs not "tits" and it made me very conscious of myself. Being the voracious reader that I am,  I started reading my mom's every woman.  I pored over it religiously. In essence,  I got my first sex education myself.  Everything a young curious mind needed to know,  I found there,  I even knew contraceptives by names and I could identify a couple of them physically.  So at 11 when my cycle started,  I knew what to do.
Somehow,  my mum got to discover I had become a woman and she sat me down.  The following ensured.
Mum: Chimdinma(when my mum calls my name in full,  it's either I've offended or something along that line),  how are you.
Me: my mind was racing, my mum doesn't ask how I am on a good day.
Mum: ever heard of the term "menstruation"?
Me: (chin up) Uh,  yes, in mathematics, a list of formulae (I wanted to play around)
Mum: I don't mean that,  I mean the monthly shedding of blood
Me: oh,  yes.  We've been taught in home economics.
My mum proceeded to lecture me,  in my mind I was like duuh,  I already know mom. She then gave me every woman *something I stole to read two years earlier*,  she gave me a calender,  told me about sex and that if I have sex,  I would get pregnant.  She told me about ovulation too.
Now,  with my peers, it was a different story.  I am very touchy so when I noticed they don't allow guys touch them,  I asked and what I got was "my mummy said if a boy touches me,  I'll get pregnant"  dafuck????  Of course in everyone's eyes,  her mum was the wisest so we'll start the "your mum doesn't know anything fight".
Fast-forward many years later,  I still find graduates who find sex talks offensive,  they don't know about their bodies.  Well,  we can't blame our parents for not educating us sexually because that's the way they were brought up too and they're only doing what they feel is "best"  for us but can we really keep deceiving ourselves still?
My mum likes to say "it's not every thing that is taught with chalk and blackboard".  It is your responsibility to read books,  Google stuffs,  learn about yourself,  how you respond to touch (I did not say go and masturbate, neither am I encouraging or discouraging pre marital sex)  but you owe yourself that responsibility.
I've seen a lady whose bf told her to drink ampiclox after sex that it would prevent pregnancy,  my Lord I nearly slapped her when she told me.  If only she knew about pills etc.
Kids should be taught to identify their privates by their proper names to avoid stories of child molestation and they should report any usual touching by caregivers inter alia.
Those of us who have younger ones should see it as a task to educate these young ones properly so they won't learn it the hard way ; you know the " I'll put only the tip"  gimmick.

In other news,  I was posted to Sokoto. Truly,  I never saw this coming.  When I got my call up letter,  I was just confused.  If I was the type that cries easily I would have cried a river but I hardly shed tears (forget the online crying I do).  My mum has been crying though and it's breaking my heart.
So I'll go to the north and stay for twelve months?  Man,  that's crazy. I don't even know if there is Internet access there. Am even too confused to continue blogging for the time being but then,  I realized I have no choice at least for the next three weeks so na to go book my flight remain *sigh*.


  1. shit.....Can you redeploy??? i'm scared too....something can be done na.

    1. Babes don't be scared ehn. All will be well

  2. Mami......We are praying for a daughter of have no choice buh to emerge a victor....So it is well.....Take care need to blog and take your mind off things......You can't do God's work for no worries...

    1. I completely agree with you Tibs - at the end of the day she will emerge a victor. So, Amaka it is important that you blog

  3. Hmmm! Sokoto treated my friend well during our service year. I hope it does same to u dear. Brace up for d bumpy ride ;)


  4. NYSC must be stupid honestly! How can they still be sending people to those states with all these bombings? By God's grace nothing would happen to you while you are there but you need to redeploy sharply. Don't choose Lagos when you are asked, choose a south south or south west states to help facilitate your redeployment because i have a feeling that they would allow people to redeploy if they want to.

  5. Amaka baby *brings out chocolate ice cream and 2 spoons* sit down huni..let's talk. I know you're scared..everyone is but I'm absolutely sure you would be fine. After your 3weeks,just redeploy shapaly to Lagos or any state close to Lagos.. Don't cry again u hear. Oya take ice cream *mwaahh*

    1. Heheheheh Moby be cracking me up seriously lmaoooo.. no be small take ice cream oh.... Hehehehe ehmmmm Corper you will be fine, just go with an open mind, and know that CHRISTin you, is the hope of glory.

    2. I don't want imaginary ice cream *looks away*
      Am actually not scared oh

  6. Pele. It is well ooo. Sokoto ke!! God will watch over you and no evil will befall u but all the same I pray you would be able to redeploy. It would work by God's grace

  7. Awwww Amaka! By now you are already in the camp. i hope you get to have fun and enjoy yourself and encounter Gods favour and mercy.
    You seem like the strong type. I am sure you will be absolutely fine.
    P.s. Your blog is so inspiring and nice.and factual and endearingly truthful.