Friday, 25 July 2014

Turn up!!!!

Am sooooooooo excited!! You know when your adrenaline is pumping so fast when you're overly excited? That's how I feel and what's making me excited is that my sweet heart's blog is two months old today!!!
I could go on and give the whole thank God I met you speech but I don't want to compete with oga at the top but the truth is each time I read ernie's comments here or her blog posts,  I feel like she's right beside me,  I mean she radiates positive vibes you can't help but notice.

Today am wishing you the very best blogging has to offer and am grateful for all the time you spend checking out my blog *whispers* your blog is the first thing I open when I open my eyes.
So guys,  what are you waiting for?  Turn up on!!!!


  1. Heheeehe happy blog-a-versary to our lovely

  2. Happy blogversary sweetheart - we love you Tibs xxxxxxx

  3. Turn down for what?!?!!
    Will there be cake?
    Let me go ask her personally
    How have you been btw? Missed you Amaka

  4. Yippie my Fikemi is back. Babes I missed you so much I had something close to a heart attack. Monday and Tuesday is work free so go and update our blog *bats eyelashes *
    There will be cakes courtesy me just that you get to eat it in your head. Hehe

  5. **cleans tear**....**read it again** **cleans the stream of tears**... **smiling**....Oh mami...What can I say......thanks alot....I pray that the joy of the Lord shall be our strength and all you guys that keep inspiring me...God will give you more blessings than he is giving me...(Amen)