Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Your road map for success.

On Sunday,  I read 'YOUR ROAD MAP FOR SUCCESS" by JOHN C. MAXWELL and a part of the book struck me. For over 30 minutes I was pondering on the next step when a voice told me to share it because it might be just what somebody reading this needs.
Most people with bad attitudes usually point to something other than themselves to explain their problem. But you can't rightfully blame your attitude on anything or anyone but yourself.  It's not what happens to you but what happens in you that counts.  Your attitude is not based on
1. Circumstances
You may not be able to control what happens to you,  but you are completely responsible for your reaction to what happens to you.
2. Upbringing
The past is gone and outside your control.  You are responsible for not allowing it to control you in the present.
3. Limitations
Since everyone faces limitations of some kind,  you need to learn to live with them.
4. Others
No one but you is responsible for the choices you make today.  You may have been hurt or abused in the past, but it's up to you to overcome that injury,  just as you would a physical one,  and move beyond it.

I'd enjoin the "bookies"  amongst us to try to read this book,  it's one of the few motivational books I can vouch for.


  1. the points are helpful....i should get this book soon

  2. Nice post amaka.

    In other news, I'm loving the weather lately. So cool with little rain. Good for movement.


  3. Oh mami - No one but you is responsible for the choices you make today ---so true...I behaved very very badly today...I mean...I was embarrassed for my behavior buh is what it is tho' and I accept I am fully responsible for my actions......**whispering** I gotta get on earlier so that I get these tips before I go make a fool of myself....**sigh**...Hello mamacita...

  4. Nice one. #2 be holding people back