Friday, 22 August 2014


*walks in* *picks register and mic*
Shy Anon?
All the readers who won't drop comments?
Uh,  who am I leaving out??

Am super excited putting this down. You see,  my days of living a regimented life is gradually coming to an end and now am seeing the truth in the saying "you don't know the value of what you have until you lose it"
Let me use this medium to wish Moby a belated birthday. You know our agreement oh *bats eyelashes*
A lot has been going on in this camp, really funny stuffs oh. Some days back we woke up to the news that the girls in the other hostel stole 4 phones in the dead of the night and that was the topic of the day only for the soldiers to wake us up around 1am the following midnight to match us all to that hotel. Mhen I was scared oh,  many of us tied towels there self. We were asked to sit on the floor  at that point I became apprehensive but the soldiers just talked to us and that was it.
Initially, I was very careful as I've heard stories of theft and the likes in NYSC camp but really even my water wasn't stolen in my hostel oh. That's surprising really but now that the girls in the other blocks are showing their talents,  am alert after all the child that says his mother won't sleep will not sleep too.
As usual in the orientation camp,  many ladies have been flirting with soldiers and I ask myself why girls choose to be stupid,  I mean camp holds thrice a year which means these guys get to sample different shapes and sizes of girls year round yet some girls would go and spread their legs!!!!  Really those soldiers that approached me directly or indirectly got a taste of my caustic tongue.  I just pity their poor wives at home.
Another trend I noticed is that some married women removed their wedding bands so they'll be able to flirt freely and am asking myself what manner of women these are.
Mhen,  I've seen different kinds of people from different backgrounds oh.  One on my hostel will tell you it's her veejay and I just shake my head when I go out at night because the things I see,  I just can't deal.
By now we know certificates are awarded in learning and character but the set of graduates I see on camp ehn! Imagine a graduate that cannot spell daughter,  a graduate that was asked his relationship with his next of kin and he wrote "married", graduates that cannot speak English,  some cannot write at all, some don't know the difference between he and she.. Even some of the OBS crew speak rubbish that now am regretting why I didn't join OBS.
How about my platoon? Am in platoon 8 and really it's full of useless people. Everybody wants to be the boss and we know there can't be two captains on one ship but my platoon peeps don't know that oh. Well by this time next week, I'll have become an ex platoon 8 member.
Lovelies I didn't want to type this but I owe you this because y'all have been checking up on me. The calls,  text messages etc. Okay,  I was really sick 5 days into my stay here and I had to be injected along side the drugs I was given but now am verrrrrrrrrrryyyyy fine,  am very fit as fiddle and I partook I'm all the man o war drilling (check my Facebook page and instagram for some of my pictures).
Really I've been enjoying myself on camp,  and no,  I've not fallen in love yet oh *bats eyelashes * but err *runs away*

Sunday, 10 August 2014


Hello guys,  am so so sorry I've not been updating my blog. I hardly have time for myself here and the network in my hostel is fluctuating besides when I retire to my room,  all I do is sleep like a log of wood.
On Thursday my journey to the unknown started. My flight was supposed to be for 0845 but the plane didn't take off till 0915 or so and from Lagos to Abuja the flight was very smooth. At Abuja airport we were delayed for some 45 minutes or there about again. At long last around 1300 we landed at Siddiq Abubakar III international airport. I forgot to add that my luggage was more than 20kg, as I was thinking of what next to do,  this woman behind me just stepped forward and said the luggage was for both of us.... Mhen,  that's nothing but pure miracle.
When we landed Sokoto,  her husband drove me to half of the journey and put me in a taxi,  they gave me their complimentary card to call them incase I need anything.
I got into the camp and started the rigors of registration but God was so faithful that I finished my registration that night and got my kits.
Due to the fact that I came in late,  I couldn't get a bed space,  infact there are no bunks,  we sleep on the floor!!  I was thinking of what to do when this lady I met on my flight from Abuja told me to come stay with her,  she even got me water to bathe that night!! Do I need a proof there's a God on heaven?
On Friday I started my parade and man,  it's not easy. The sun here is blazing hot!!!!!  As early as 0400 we are to start jugging down for parade oh,  o boy I March my leg wan cut and parade is twice a day.
Saturday morning it rained heavily so we escaped parade *bats eyelashes * but in the evening we had like 3 hours of parade oh.
Today is Sunday and we've been lounging,  I've slept to my satisfaction and I've gotten a mattress so I don't have to squat again and hey guys , I was strolling to mammy market when this soldier called me that he likes the way I walk and he would make sure am posted to a money spinning office oh. Well its been God all the way,  I have so many stories to share but that can chill. Let me run along before the soldiers blow their bugle.
I miss you all especially Tibs.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The enemy of my friend is my enemy or friend????

When I was in the University,  I had this "friend" , note the quotation marks, that had a boyfriend who did everything to make her happy but she treated him like an outcast, eventually they broke up but I got to know from the dude.  Anyway,  I saw it coming.
The breakup was during the ASUU strike so when we resumed for our project defence,  the two man squad became a one man squad.  Since the dude didn't offend me,  we were still keeping in touch.
One fateful day,  he called me that he was in front of my college building, so I went out to meet him and we sat in his car gisting for a long time and I can be dramatic with my gesticulations. Somehow she got wind I was in her ex boyfi's car and I think she was watching from a distance. She later went on to tell a mutual friend to herself,  ex boyfi and me that since I knew she wasn't dating him anymore,  I should keep malice with him.  I just told her to grow up.
While growing up,  if one person picked on my circle of friends in high school,  the enemy automatically became my way too but later events proved me wrong as the two people involved would reconcile without my knowledge, making me look like a fool.
The decision to make the enemy of your friend your enemy or friend is one that you should be cautious about.  If you can,  always listen to both sides of the story so as not to end up fighting a battle you know nothing about.
Besides,  adult mend fences while kids tear fences apart.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Lyrics of the day


We hear you crying so bitterly
Trying to get people to help you
But nobody will

Your son was brutalizing people every time
But you said nothing
Now it's time to pay the price
It's time to pay, ye, ye,  ye,  ye

You gonna reap just what you sow (x4)

Comimg back home with stolen things
Instead of telling him how wrong he was
You told him how clever he was
People coming out of burning houses

It's your son driving stolen cars everywhere
It's your son but you said nothing
But now he's turning against you


Everybody knows no jail can keep him
Cause you rubbing shoulders with the law
But now it's time to pay the price wo, woh


Lines have fallen into pleasant places for me.

These past few days has been full of ups and downs for me.  Yeah,  I got posted to Sokoto, a state supposedly touted to be the poorest in Nigeria,  with hot sun and all and truly,  I never saw it coming.  I mean,  I already influenced it to be posted to Enugu state and oh well,  for whatever reasons, I was flung to the seat of the caliphate.
Guys,  I don't know if it's my fault I got posted there because I don't know how I'll see fire and walk into it because I don't understand the way some people are talking.

A: what?  Did you not work it?  How can you go to Sokoto? What were you doing?
B: Go straight to Abuja and redeploy (you know Goodluck is my father).
C: don't go (I hope you know am 24) wait till November or next year (really?)
D: go there and get blown up,  blah blah blah

I started getting irritated because really we are experts at giving advice but no action. It's you guys I met here that have been most supportive.
Tibs has been a huge pillar, I mean a huge pillar of support. The love of a sister I never felt,  she's showing me more than that. Duru,  Moby,  obim, mannie,  tosin, lily,  eve,  I see you all.
Now *clears throat* I know y'all have been praying for me and remember I said I wasn't going to redeploy?  I just asked myself why I was worrying when it won't change anything and told myself God is in control,  then I relaxed.

Yesterday,  I went to the airport to book my flight and was told there was no more seat on Aero contractors and I knew the next option was to go by road or fly to kano or kaduna and continue by road.  So I was just wandering in the lounge,  then I walked up to an airport staff and told him I needed a flight going to Sokoto then he took me to fly safe agency. When I got there,  I was told the flight to Sokoto was 35,000k, something that used to be 10,000k. Well,  I didn't have up to that but I was calm.
Somehow,  this man beside me happened to mention Sokoto and I said I was posted there,  he said his son as posted there too that he came to book his son's flight. I told him I came to book too but now the price isn't what I budgeted for,  that's how he completed the money for my flight ticket oh!!!!!!  I was short of words,  I was just starring like a zombie,  I was shocked,  I mean I got my ticket and it was on this same flight that I was told there was no space. I mean I just met this man less than five minutes ago. He called his son and told his son he met a girl going to Sokoto too and I spoke with his son who was very excited *looking at Moby and Tibs*,  we exchanged contacts too.
I was still struggling with coming to terms with that when he said he was taking me to airforce hospital to get a medical report and I remembered that y'all have been praying for me and this was the confirmation. Well,  we weren't too successful but then,  he said he has option B and that everything he's doing,  it's for his son and I *bats eyelashes*.
I got home and was starring at my flight ticket then it dawned on me that worry doesn't change anything. The moment I started seeing my posting in good light,  lines started falling into pleasant places for me.
As we step out this morning,  my prayer is that God that sent me a helper will send you your helper. The Bible said that the soul that watereth shall be watered. As you watered my soul by praying for me,  God will surprise y'all as he surprised me.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Lyrics of the day


Now am giving my testimony
Oh oh oh oh
Am killing the beats and giving them hits
Oh oh oh oh
Now am giving them everything
Oh oh oh oh
Am living my life I don chop money
I don taste money

My guy am allergic to poverty
So am using my sense to gather them properties
No time oh
Like the statue of liberty
Nobody knows tomorrow
So I'll be holding my destiny

As e be say na jungle oh
Some people dey bubble oh
I continue the struggle oh
The struggle dey double my hustle oh (repeat)

Now am giving my testimony
Oh oh oh oh
Am killing the beats and  am giving them hits
Oh oh oh oh
Now am giving them everything
Oh oh oh oh
Am living my life I don chop money
I don taste money

Na my my testimony, testimony,  my testimony
I don chop I don taste money
I don taste money (repeat)

Je m'apelle chop money
It's good to be saving for rainy day
Cause e no easy eh
Life is so delicate oh
So make una see me as evidence
Baba God na my confidence
His blessings are endless

As e be say na jungle

Grateful heart.

Except the Lord build the house,  they labour in vain that build it.  Except the Lord keep the city,  the watchman waketh but in vain.
Good morning lovelies,  how are we holding up? This is going to be a very short one.
I want us to have a heart of gratitude no matter the condition in which we find ourselves. The Holy book says before we were formed,  God already knew and had good plans for us.  Few days ago  I discovered that I was posted to Northern Nigeria, to a state that shares boundary with Niger Republic and I was confused,  I was asking myself lot of questions and I said I was going to redeploy but now,  am seeing the posting in another light.
I have gotten lot of "didn't you work it"  blah blah blah that it's beginning to annoy me self but here is breaking news.... Am not going to redeploy.  Yes  you read that right.  I know Sokoto is damn hot but am going to go with lotta sunscreen cream. Like the opening line said,  except the Lord watches the city,  the watchman waketh but in vain,  people die anywhere,  even in their comfort zone.  Sokoto like I learnt is very peaceful so now am thanking God for what he has done and that which he will still do.
I hope we would all learn to thank God regardless of whatever situation we find ourselves.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Lyrics of the day


There comes a time
In every man's life
Where he's got to face the truth
No matter what

We are coming to you Father
With our sins and everything
To thank you

Those that smoke Marijuana
Wanna thank you father
For making it grow internationally
They wanna thank you

Even though police cut it down
Sometimes they burn it down
But it grows again
Thank you father

We Wanna thank you Father
For everything you've given us

Nations that oppress other nations
Wanna thank you father
Even though it's painful to the oppressed
But they wanna thank you for making them strong

Politicians thank you father
For making them to be able
To lie with a straight face
While the nation cries
They wanna thank you Lord

We wanna thank you father
For everything you've given us (thrice)



I am sick since last week Tuesday.

This wrong expression is used by someone to inform us that last Tuesday, he became sick and he is still sick at the time he makes the expression. For acceptability, the statement should be put in the perfective aspect,  which is the appropriate form used to connect something that was stated in the past and is still going on at the time of speaking.  The expression in good English, should be written as follows:
I have been sick since last Tuesday.
Also note that when we give the name of a particular day,  we do not need to say last week Friday or last week Saturday. If the day we are referring to was in the week immediately past,  then it is last Friday. If it is the present week,  it is this Friday and if it is in the next week,  it is next Friday.
Note that in Britain,  Sunday is considered the last day of the week,  and in the US, it is considered the first day of the week.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Lyrics of the day

I'm ready to be happy
I've been down too long
It's time to rise above it all
I put a smile across my face
As I walk down joy Street yeah
Follow me if you can
But leave all your burdens behind
Don't look to the past
It'll make you passteristic
Look to the future
It'll make you futuristic
Hey mister hey sir
Don't open the cupboard
I don't want no skeletons falling out
I don't want no bones falling out
I don't want my past
Catching up with me
Cause am happy oo

Let sleeping dogs lie

I see two men in the street
Holding hands and kissing
The other one looks
The other one smiles
When the other one smiles
The other one blushes
I don't wanna know what's going on
As long as they're happy
I don't wanna look up to politicians
They gonna feed me political bull
And I will have
Political diarrhea
Don't look to the past
I'll make you passteristic
(don't look it up,  me just made it up)
Look to the future
It'll make you futuristic
Hey mister hey sir
Don't open that cupboard
I don't want no bones falling out

Chorus till fade

Defence mechanism.

Uh,  I know y'all love me so much and I know you know I love you so much. I appreciate all the comments on yesterday's post but we didn't talk about the topic *bats eyelashes * *holding ernie's ruler*,  well let's move on.

Defence mechanisms are methods of protecting yourself against further pain.  They can help you get through difficulties and handle painful situations.  Because defence mechanisms hide unwanted feelings,  people are very often unaware that they are using defence mechanisms.
Defence mechanisms often serve a good purpose. Sometimes,  they are necessary for survival, but they can be used too often.  When a defence mechanism continues to protect you from your true feelings,  it stops being helpful.
Feelings must run their natural course.  When a painful feeling is avoided for too long,  the pain tends to become more difficult to work through.
1. Rationalization
It is making excuse for a mistake or failure.  It is an attempt to preserve self esteem and avoid feelings of guilt.
2. Compensation
It is covering up faults by trying to excel in other areas. It can help you to develop your best abilities.
3. Projection.
It is seeing your own faults or feelings in other people,  even when they do not have them
4. Identification
It is feeling connected and similar to someone else.
5. Idealization
It is an extreme form of identification that makes you see someone you admire so much as perfect.
6. Day dreaming
It is the creation of make believe events that seem more pleasant or exciting than the real world.
7. Reaction formation.
It is the expression of an emotional that is the opposite of what you truly feel inside.
8. Regression
It means acting in an immature way.
9. Denial
It is refusal to accept reality.
10. Displacement
It is shifting the expression of feelings about one person to another.
11. Negativism
It is always refusing to do what others suggest or ask.
12. Sublimation
It is the replacement of an undesirable outlet for energy by a desirable one.

Day dreaming


Reaction formation

Most defences are best used as a temporary relief.  In the end,  it is healthy to recognize and deal with your true feelings.

P. S I've gotten over the shock actually and guys did you know Ernie and her husband were calming me down over the phone? I can't pay you two back for all the care but God will bless you richly.
Lily too really tried, babes don't worry I owe you one.
I appreciate every comment dropped as regards my deployment and I just remembered something Ernie said earlier, that God should take me to where is best for me and not where I want.  Don't they say every cloud is silver lined?