Friday, 1 August 2014

Defence mechanism.

Uh,  I know y'all love me so much and I know you know I love you so much. I appreciate all the comments on yesterday's post but we didn't talk about the topic *bats eyelashes * *holding ernie's ruler*,  well let's move on.

Defence mechanisms are methods of protecting yourself against further pain.  They can help you get through difficulties and handle painful situations.  Because defence mechanisms hide unwanted feelings,  people are very often unaware that they are using defence mechanisms.
Defence mechanisms often serve a good purpose. Sometimes,  they are necessary for survival, but they can be used too often.  When a defence mechanism continues to protect you from your true feelings,  it stops being helpful.
Feelings must run their natural course.  When a painful feeling is avoided for too long,  the pain tends to become more difficult to work through.
1. Rationalization
It is making excuse for a mistake or failure.  It is an attempt to preserve self esteem and avoid feelings of guilt.
2. Compensation
It is covering up faults by trying to excel in other areas. It can help you to develop your best abilities.
3. Projection.
It is seeing your own faults or feelings in other people,  even when they do not have them
4. Identification
It is feeling connected and similar to someone else.
5. Idealization
It is an extreme form of identification that makes you see someone you admire so much as perfect.
6. Day dreaming
It is the creation of make believe events that seem more pleasant or exciting than the real world.
7. Reaction formation.
It is the expression of an emotional that is the opposite of what you truly feel inside.
8. Regression
It means acting in an immature way.
9. Denial
It is refusal to accept reality.
10. Displacement
It is shifting the expression of feelings about one person to another.
11. Negativism
It is always refusing to do what others suggest or ask.
12. Sublimation
It is the replacement of an undesirable outlet for energy by a desirable one.

Day dreaming


Reaction formation

Most defences are best used as a temporary relief.  In the end,  it is healthy to recognize and deal with your true feelings.

P. S I've gotten over the shock actually and guys did you know Ernie and her husband were calming me down over the phone? I can't pay you two back for all the care but God will bless you richly.
Lily too really tried, babes don't worry I owe you one.
I appreciate every comment dropped as regards my deployment and I just remembered something Ernie said earlier, that God should take me to where is best for me and not where I want.  Don't they say every cloud is silver lined?


  1. Amaka u can go with a medical report so as to fast track ur redeployment (that's if u want to redeploy). Or let's get married b4 u go for d 3 weeks camp (the marriage certificate can also help your redeployment) lol.

    Just enjoy the camp. Its gonna be fun.


    1. Lool we can't get married within this short period now *bats eyelashes * thanks dearie

  2. Hahaha....@mannie......that got me laughing....Oh mami...anything for this post mami....see, I used to have a very high wall of defense.....I am talking bout if you say 10 words...I would say 100 words....buh that shit always made people stay away from me....cuz it felt like I was always on the defensive side...and you know when you defend yourself means you got alot to took alot to bring that wall down and just chill......Niesha is a tool.......thanks for this mami...

    1. Being on the defensive isn't bad actually, doing it often is the problem.
      Am glad you were able to bring those walls down.
      Thanks dearie