Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Lines have fallen into pleasant places for me.

These past few days has been full of ups and downs for me.  Yeah,  I got posted to Sokoto, a state supposedly touted to be the poorest in Nigeria,  with hot sun and all and truly,  I never saw it coming.  I mean,  I already influenced it to be posted to Enugu state and oh well,  for whatever reasons, I was flung to the seat of the caliphate.
Guys,  I don't know if it's my fault I got posted there because I don't know how I'll see fire and walk into it because I don't understand the way some people are talking.

A: what?  Did you not work it?  How can you go to Sokoto? What were you doing?
B: Go straight to Abuja and redeploy (you know Goodluck is my father).
C: don't go (I hope you know am 24) wait till November or next year (really?)
D: go there and get blown up,  blah blah blah

I started getting irritated because really we are experts at giving advice but no action. It's you guys I met here that have been most supportive.
Tibs has been a huge pillar, I mean a huge pillar of support. The love of a sister I never felt,  she's showing me more than that. Duru,  Moby,  obim, mannie,  tosin, lily,  eve,  I see you all.
Now *clears throat* I know y'all have been praying for me and remember I said I wasn't going to redeploy?  I just asked myself why I was worrying when it won't change anything and told myself God is in control,  then I relaxed.

Yesterday,  I went to the airport to book my flight and was told there was no more seat on Aero contractors and I knew the next option was to go by road or fly to kano or kaduna and continue by road.  So I was just wandering in the lounge,  then I walked up to an airport staff and told him I needed a flight going to Sokoto then he took me to fly safe agency. When I got there,  I was told the flight to Sokoto was 35,000k, something that used to be 10,000k. Well,  I didn't have up to that but I was calm.
Somehow,  this man beside me happened to mention Sokoto and I said I was posted there,  he said his son as posted there too that he came to book his son's flight. I told him I came to book too but now the price isn't what I budgeted for,  that's how he completed the money for my flight ticket oh!!!!!!  I was short of words,  I was just starring like a zombie,  I was shocked,  I mean I got my ticket and it was on this same flight that I was told there was no space. I mean I just met this man less than five minutes ago. He called his son and told his son he met a girl going to Sokoto too and I spoke with his son who was very excited *looking at Moby and Tibs*,  we exchanged contacts too.
I was still struggling with coming to terms with that when he said he was taking me to airforce hospital to get a medical report and I remembered that y'all have been praying for me and this was the confirmation. Well,  we weren't too successful but then,  he said he has option B and that everything he's doing,  it's for his son and I *bats eyelashes*.
I got home and was starring at my flight ticket then it dawned on me that worry doesn't change anything. The moment I started seeing my posting in good light,  lines started falling into pleasant places for me.
As we step out this morning,  my prayer is that God that sent me a helper will send you your helper. The Bible said that the soul that watereth shall be watered. As you watered my soul by praying for me,  God will surprise y'all as he surprised me.


  1. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! This is a huge testimony **so excited** I remember when someone paid a flight ticket for Me too this year. Don't worry, God's hand that saw U from kindergarten is still there to see U in Sokoto. The economy of Sokoto has nothing to do with Your pocket, money will serve You in Sokoto, more lines are falling in places for U My dear. I pray that Gods spirit will position U in strategic places n favour upon favour upon favour will follow You the terror of darkness n noon day will not see You, in Sokoto the steps to Your gory will keep increasing, I see You coming back as the best among the rest...
    That guy is such a lucky dude, cause He'll so get imparted by You... Well Amaka just remain focused n be Yourself God is seeing You through already.
    I'll send You a mail later today.


    1. Did I forget to say congratulations **slaps head** Congratulations dear.

    2. No worries Jay. Thanks buddy

  2. *Speechless*

    I'm so happy for you.

    Miracles happen everyday.


  3. Yay!! Mamacita...God is great!!!!!!

  4. Ok... Amaka, I remember putting it in one of my random facts that I want to be a Minister of God or Pastor someday...well, I think I'm beginning to see more reasons why I should keep dreaming cos I already prophesied that you my dear Amaka will get hooked very soon...some people were yinmuing at me that day...I was just looking.. I'm still looking o and I'll keep looking..be batting lashes here o..sha don't waste all the lashes here and keep it till you get to camp where you'll bat lashes you go taya...hahahaha. Everything will definately work out for good. I'm sure I'm part of the people that said you should redeploy. Well its cos I was scared.. Sokoto loun loun but I'm happy with whatever decision you make. it is well huni.

    1. Yes pastor, I believe you. Don't worry I'll give you full gist ehn

  5. Congrats girl. you are highly favoured. And you are getting connected o *youandhisson......Cue romantic music....*runsaway


  6. wow!! this is how God works wonders o, happy for you dear

  7. ''something that used to be 10,000k''

    For where?

    Maybe you missed your path...#YoungShallGrowTransportCompanyTHingz