Saturday, 13 September 2014



A preposition is a word used before a noun or pronoun to show a place, position, time or method.
Errors in the use of prepositions may not cause misunderstanding but they give an appearance of imperfect or careless learning.
Let's consider some prepositions wrongly used.

1. Middle
Wrong: he stood at the middle of the room.
Right: he stood in the middle of the room.

2. Alert
Wrong: we must be at the alert; lions are in the neighbourhood.
Right: we must be on the alert; lions are in the neighbourhood.

3. Scene
Wrong: she is a well known figure at the international scene.
Right: she is a well known figure on the international scene.
In contrast to 'on the international scene' there is 'at the international level'.

4. Bed
Wrong: Jacob was already on bed when I called.
Right: Jacob was already in bed when I called.
'in bed' is the correct expression even when someone is lying on top of any sheets or blankets, rather than inside or underneath them. But 'on' is correct if  a determiner comes before 'bed' and the person is not under the sheets or blankets.
Jacob was sitting on his bed reading a book.

5. By
Wrong: I told Chima to come by 3 o'clock. I was surprised to see him at 2.45
Right: I told Chima to come at 3 o' clock. I was surprised to see him at 2.45
'by' when used with a stated time does not mean 'at' or 'on' the stroke of, it means 'any time up to and including, but not later than .....'. In the wrong example, if Chima came by 2.45 that is before 3 o'clock, there was no cause for surprise.
misunderstanding can clearly result from this misuse of 'by'.

Phew, dear lovelies, today I woke up depressed infact I started feeling low sometimes in the evening but as I was on my way to the cafe to update our blog, I saw this dude without a nose( he must have been in an accident as  he had scars) yet he was smiling.. that moment, I became teary eyed and started thanking God. you see I know this isn't related to this post but please, in every situation you find yourself, GIVE THANKS>


  1. Lol! Amaka why did You cry na?
    Anyway, its okay since it inspired You.
    Na all these proposition dey make Me fear English o!
    But anyway, thanks for the post it helped Me.


  2. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Did somebody see what I just saw...... Tibsy burrow Me Your bazooka, I need to be a security man in this matter**collects bazooka** anybody wey near this babe, walai, na 74ft get U...
    Amaka! Amaka!! Amaka!!! Mbok ke ntak abasi take it easy with the way You flaunt this beauty of Yours biko.... Orezi said 'she looked like rihanna' but Amaka your own na self looked beauty. Omg! In okon's voice **rolls eye** iya mi
    Seriously Amaka You're beautifully Beautiful.


  3. I wanted to say something bout the post buh gimme 24hrs to reflect on where I was when God was blessing you with beauty and grace mami.... *in terminators voice* I will be back.... Hehe... Oh mami you are gracefully beautiful....

    1. Awwwwww thanks sis. You're beautiful too honey.

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  5. Hmmm nice post o. English is easy but there are a lot of things we really need to know which isn't known.

    On the man with no nose issue we really need to be grateful to God!

  6. Babes bin ill really tied up. Buh am bk and beta.