Thursday, 4 September 2014


Gratitude is uplifting
It enlightens one's spirit
And gears one into action
Actions generate results
Good results appreciated by all
But few are they that show gratitude

So I've been holding my pen for the past one hour and strangely, nothing is coming. Now am wondering if it's writer's block am experiencing ( I don't want to believe that though). Yeah, back to the post, Ernie and Duru nominated me for the gratitude post so here we are.
1. Am grateful to God ( that sounds so cliche these days but oh yeah, am grateful). I could go on and on about how grateful I am you know but am most grateful for the breath of life he breathed into me. He's been faithful even when am not faithful. Once upon a time I was tilting towards losing my faith. I had questions ; who is God? Who created God? What if we die and realize the whole bible and heaven thing is a lie etc.. Man it was that bad but he patiently waited while whispering "come home daughter".

2. Am grateful my mum is my mum. I am or should I say was the definition and model of a problem child but mum never Abandoned me!  I am too teary eyed to type what I want to type for my mum!
3. My online family. Am glad God blessed me with wonderful friends . Ernie am so going to squeeze the air out of your lungs when we meet!! My beautiful Moby, Obim, Funmi, Fikemi, Petite, Lily, my surest Chuka, Duru, Godwin, all the anons I see you!!
Now I gotta add this. Uh, am not spilling yet but if I had decided against going to Sokoto our paths would never cross *bats eyelashes* . This is the point I have to zip it ...hehehe.
Cheers to the weekend lovelies.


  1. Weldone dear, happy for u. EvE

  2. i smell a love story cooking somewhere!!!!!

  3. Drop the gist now that its hot oooo. Hehehehehehe


  4. Beautiful Eagle You're so on point, I can smell it too...


  5. Awgh Bubba, i am grateful for you too Babe, you mean Plenty to all of us up here on Blogsville. :) Ehen!!! so Amaka is in lof... Hurry and give us gist eh!!! :p

  6. You know what, I think I now know how it feels to be missing a rib!!!....Mi lovely Big sis....I feel like you need to be back for worries, lemme get done with mi blog trolling....I will be blowing up your phone...**whispering** That's if we get a signal...**sigh**

    1. Yayyyyy I've been dying to hear from you sweetie.. Am hoping that soon I get a device so I can be back on and am in town now so the signal is quite okay.

  7. Amaka! Amaka!! We said you should go and serve your fatherland we didn't tell you to go and see boy I am glad i know you too...

  8. Hmnnnnn Amaka. You didn't give me the gist o..ahhhhhhhhhh. Ok o *passing by*