Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Time, time, time, I can't time time but time can time me. Those were the words I spoke while closing my debate speech while I was in high school when the bell was rung before I was through.

How very true! somedays we are so busy we think 24 hours is not enough but the thing is we cannot get more than 24 hours so we have to find a way to manage the 24 hours God gave to us without some activities suffering.

I remember when I got my call up letter some months ago and just like yesterday, a month is over so I've got like 9 months left for my NYSC programme.

Initially it was like the programme will never end but funny as it sounds, am looking forward to when this programme will be over and doing the countdown..

To magage your time effectively, make a schedule, stick to it and be organized.

People who are close to me know that I like to work with lists and sticky notes...I itemize/list everything I have to do each day including doing my laundry, cooking, etc. For example, for me, dinner must be ready latest by 6pm except am not eating at home that day or am not eating dinner, I make an itenary before I leave home so except I really need to go someplace unplanned, I hardly do such .. even though many people insult me for always making a list of everything, I don't mind since it works for me.

Making a schedule is one thing, sticking to it is another so as much as you make a schedule, place it above you work desk area, on your fridge, on your wall, on the bathroom window, or anywhere you can see it always so you can remember to follow the schedule.

The last on the list is being organized and it involves knowing when to do the right thing at the right time because there is something like doing the right thing at the wrong time and in the end when the day is over, you take stock and find out you just mismanaged your 24 hours without achieving anything tangible.

Today is the dawn of a brand new month and we all have another clean sheet with the breaking of each day so forget about what you have failed to achieve in the last nine months and use this new month as a launch pad for the rest of your life.



  1. Happy new month mami. i like the issue of putting down ur plans in note but sad tin i to it almost all time but hardly take that action. Will try to do better
    Happy october mami

  2. i am so time concious it ridiculous i feel like i am always racing against it so i have a made a decision to relax a little, and to stop worrying because it just sucks the joy out of it for me. happy new month

    1. Thanks for the wishes ma'am...sure it's been a jolly ride so far

  3. Hiya mami.....**dancing** I am sure you know why I am dancing...hehe

  4. Happy new Month Amaka.....this post is challenging.
    but then i pray you enjoy and be fruitful in the next 9 months and beyond:)

  5. Happy new month. I should start doing this

  6. Nice one Amaka, i for one believe that the importance of time management cannot be over emphasised, but like you said, its one thing to plan, and its another to adhere to the plan.. hopefilly we will get better at it Bubba, cause i for one, I am rabbish with time management. Cheers Bubba.


  8. Nice post! I do not joke with my TO-DO list at all... I have a daily to-do list and a weekly to-do list. I'm planning on adding a monthly to-do list.
    I must say it's one of the most effective ways to stay organised and manage time.
    What works for Mr A might not work for Mr B though